interview with alona uehlin

Author Victoria McGregor

18 Jul 2019

With the GOC fast approaching our fantastic SPONSORED GOLD dancer Alona Uehlin is busy preparing for this world class event.



Alona and her partner Anton have been dancing together since 2007 as youth. They dance in Amateur and represent Germany. So far their best mark is placing a fantastic 1stplace in the WDSF World Open Standard in Germany 2018. As well as achieving...

 3 times German Champions in Amateur,

World Cup Winner,

European Champions,

GOC winners in Youth,

& Vice World champions in Showdance Standard


A fabulous dancing force on the WDSF dance floor I was intrigued to find out more about Alona and Anton in the run up to the GOC…


 How has your dancing year been so far?

 It has been a great year for us so far! We strive to always improve our dancing and have worked so hard to get better and better.


What have you enjoyed the most this year?

 Wow well we have enjoyed competing at so many competitions! We feel we have become a lot more established with our competitive dancing with what we want to show to the audience and judges and it has been fantastic.



What do you do in your spare time to relax?

 In the summer time we love to go for walks in the park and just relax in the sunshine! When it is winter we enjoy each others company at home, reading and going out for dinners :)


Sum up the importance of the GOC for you?

GOC is one of the most beautiful competitions in the world. We love everything about it and it is also in our home country!!! We really look forward to this event and one we strive to do our best at.


How do you prepare for a big competition such as the GOC?

 Actually, we always work hard to prepare for this event as well as other competitions all year round but, at least 2 months before - we practice and work out a lot more to get even stronger. This competition is one of the longest and hardest competitions to dance at and core strength, speed and durability is so crucial to be at your best and fittest for this event.



When did you first compete at the GOC?

My first GOC was actually in 1998!  It was in Mannheim not in Stuttgart and I was 8 years old :)


What are your inspirations for your GOC dresses this year?

 I have a particular style and look that will follow through to my new GOC dress which I cannot wait to wear! Getting a new Couture from CHRISANNE CLOVER is so exciting and I cannot wait to showcase them proudly on the dance floor!



What are your plans after the GOC and for the rest of 2018?

 Back into training …practice, compete and repeat! This year we have no time for a holiday with our training and competition schedule, but hopefully next year! :)


What do you love them most about being a Chrisanne Clover Sponsored Gold dancer?

 I love everything about CHRISANNE CLOVER and am so thankful for being a SPONSORED GOLD dancer. The couture dresses are gorgeous and I am so proud to wear them on the dancefloor! The amazing practice wear is so comfortable to dance in and this year I was so honoured to model the brand. There is also such an amazing team of people who are always willing to help if I need something :)


 We wish you both the best of luck at the GOC and cannot wait to see your new couture on the dancefloor!

Watch them dance HERE



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