interview with signe busk

Author Victoria McGregor

20 Jul 2018

Our fabulous Sponsored Gold dancer Signe Busk and partner Dmitri Kolobov are currently training hard in preparations for the most prestigious WDSF event of the year - The German Open Championships!



Signe and Dmitri started dancing together in 2011 as Youth. They currently dance in Amateur and represent Denmark. Their best mark so far is placing a fantastic 1stplace in the Amateur Standard at the Standard Danish Championships in Denmark, March 2018.

Signe grew up in Denmark and Dmitri is from Estonia, both started dancing at an early age of 3. By the age of 18 Dmitri made the decision to move to Denmark to pursue his dancing career with Signe and both have never looked back since…



How has your dancing year been so far?

We have really enjoyed this year and have been so very lucky working with great people and listening to some interesting lectures.  All have inspired us to development so much further as dancers.


Photo credit Rob Ronda


What have you enjoyed the most this year?

We have really enjoyed seeing the clear progress we have made of learning and developing as dancers and it has really pushed us to work even harder!


What do you do in your spare time to relax?

We love to do simple stuff such as going for a walk, finding a nice cafe with a good coffee, visiting museums and exploring new places :)



Sum up the importance of the GOC for you?

The GOC is the most prestigious and historical competition of the 5 Grand Slams. A lot of dancers from all over the World, including us, love this competition so much!


How do you prepare for a big competition such as GOC?

It's a long preparation which begins 2 months before the event, starting by deciding our technical goals, then a lot of practice, physical and mental preparation, several performance related practices and of course deciding on which dress will be perfect for our look at this event :)



 When did you first compete at the GOC?

Our first year together was in 2011 in the youth category.


What are your inspirations for your GOC dresses this year?

I am going for a feminine and elegant look, but with some special features to give the look an edge.


Photo credit Rob Ronda


What are your plans after the GOC and for the rest of 2018?

Right after the GOC we will relax for a couple of days to recharge then ready for a busy autumn with a lot of practice, travels and competitions.


What do you love the most about being a Chrisanne Clover Sponsored Gold dancer?

I have been wearing Chrisanne Clover dresses since I was first year in youth, I truly feel they are the very best you can get! The company has a great heritage and are so well known for their gorgeous dresses with a perfect fit. The crystallisation design detailing is so exquisite, nothing sparkles more on a dance floor than a CHRISANNE CLOVER dress! It is a real privilege to be a Chrisanne Clover Sponsored Gold dancer and I am so proud to be able to represent them on the dance floor :) 



Good luck to you both at the GOC this year guys looking forward to seeing you dazzle in your new couture!


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Watch Signe & Dmitri dance HERE




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