interview with sophia wangixi

Author Victoria McGregor

08 Oct 2019

It was wonderful to catch up with our newest member of our Chrisanne Clover Sponsored Gold family Sophia Wangixi before the big day of the Internationals just a few days away ... 



How are you finding it so far being the newest member of the Chrisanne Clover family? 

We are all very proud being the member of Chrisanne Clover because Chrisanne Clover is the benchmark and the top brand in this field. 


Are you looking forward to the Internationals this week? 

Yes, but we also feel nervous. There are lots of things to prepare including our luggage and also food for that day. And we think eating right on the competition date is very important!   


Would you say The Internationals is one of your favourite competitions? 

Yes, it is. But actually, we cherish every opportunity and enjoy every moment. 


What kind of dresses can we expect to see you in at the Internationals?  

 I will wear two dresses, one of which is green and the other one is butter cream 😊   


How do you train before a major competition? 

We will strengthen training one month before the competition. But daily regular training is much more important, and our routine training includes muscle training and body stretching. 


How long will you be in the UK for? 

We will stay here for 15 days and we have dancing lessons in this period. 


What are your plans after the Internationals? 

Before going back to China, we currently have no plans after the internationals, perhaps go shopping 😊 



What do you think of the new LBD Starlight dancewear? 

I think this new collection is not only much more formal and fascinating but also it is much more practical. I can wear it for practicing, competitions or going to the party! 


Do you have a favourite dress from the collection? 

Yes! My favourite one is “Cecelia.” I like it because of more detail design such as asymmetric wrapped bodice, which shows better body shape! 



What are your plans for Chinese New Year?  

We will both go back to China to celebrate Chinese New Year with my parents! I cherish this opportunity to spend time with them! 


What colour would you say represents you? 

I think it should be "white" because it is a simple colour and brings a sense of purity. And most of my clothes are white! 


Your skin is fantastic what is your skin care regime? 

I am very keen on investigating in beauty care! In terms of external facial care, I suggest directly going to the beauty salon to do the facial. It is the most effective way compared to wearing the facial mask. But if you still prefer to wear the facial mask, it is better to use ones in jelly texture. 



Can you give us an insight into a day in your life? 

I spend most of my time teaching dancing and also dance a 2-hour practice with my partner.  My spare time starts around 7pm, where I explore my personal hobbies like sketching, doing yoga, cooking, baking, and home decoration. 


How do you feel when dancing in front of lots of people? Do you get nervous? How do you deal with it? 

With increasing number of matches, I feel that I am not nervous anymore. I just cherish every moment to reveal the best part of me. 


From you past experience, which competition is most memorable to you? And why? 

The first competition with Liu Ya was my most memorable one to me. I could remember that I was under tremendous pressure in the training period in which I had high intensive physical training. And also, in that moment, my partner, Liu Ya, had a higher reputation than me. So I had to encourage myself every day to build up a stronger mindset. 

 Our effort really paid off in our first competition in the UK championship in 2016, where we were placed fourth! 



Could you share some words of wisdom to the readers? 

I found that the majority of Chinese women are still a bit conservative. I encourage them not to give up with the obstacles in front of them. Additionally, I believe that women should be more independent and stand on their own feet. Don’t be worried if you still haven't found out your interest because life is interesting and unpredictable, and you will find it in the right time! 

We wish Sophia and Jenson all the best for the Internationals! 


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