lbd starlight with mia linnik holden

Author Victoria McGregor

21 Nov 2019

Our youngest Sponsored Gold dancer Mia Linnik-Holden tries our NEW LBD Starlight collection and gives us her take on her favourite looks ...


This has to be my favourite dress from the Starlight collection! I can see myself wearing this dress for shows. It is so elegant and flattering and the skirt is as light as a feather! I love the belt accessory it gives the option of wearing the dress with the belt or without. I could even crystallize this belt to make it more stand out! 





I like the fact the stretch net top back has a clasp, it gives the option of actually unclasping the top and making it more loose to drape over the shoulder.
The split in the skirt is very sexy so not only is it great for evening wear but also for Smooth styles. This is a great evening wear dress and I can see myself wearing this for shows.

(Mia pictured wearing this dress for the BCDC showcase) 




The ruched stretch crepe top is one of my favourite features on this dress, the ruching is very flattering and slimming. I also really like the fitted full length sleeves. I really like the fact there is no crinoline on this collection it makes the skirt a lot lighter and they still have lots of movement. 



Choose any colour from our Starlight Collection and lead the way with your individuality. Mia wears the Scarlet dress in the NEW Blue on Midnight Sky.  This is a special order item and we aim to fulfil your order within 4 weeks. For more information please contact our sales team. Surcharges apply. 


This is my favourite shorter style dress in this collection! It is so elegant and even though I don't compete in Latin, me and Andrei still do Latin show dances. If I was to embellish this dress I would embellish the skirt hem and belt feature to create more of a whip action in the fabric.
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