lbd starlight with sophia wong

Author Victoria McGregor

22 Oct 2019

Be inspired with our Sponsored Gold dancer Sophia Wong's top pick of the New

LBD Starlight ELISE Ballroom Dress

I just love the look and feel of this dress and the beauty of this collection is it doesn't feel like a practice dress and is a dress I feel I can wear to a special occasion. With its dazzling foil effect it catches the colours that surrounds it so even though it is a silver foil, it can look red, blue or even purple depending on the light... 


The Elise dress is my personal favourite from this collection, it flatters the waist line with it's ruched detailing and the sweetheart style line makes for an elegant finish. I also love the fact that the skirt is not hemmed in crinoline as it then takes this dress off the dancefloor and can be used as an occasion dress.


I love the fact that this LBD collection is made in this fabric as I had a couture dress made in this fabric but with a gold foil effect which I absolutely loved! I wore this dress for a show and within 2.4 minutes of dancing in this dress it was sold immediately! Now I can have my own piece of starlight that not only works as a practice dress but is also great to wear for judging, evening wear and even shows! 


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