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09 Jan 2020



Scottish born Eddie Slattery is a man of many talents with a dance history that expands from Swing dance, Ballet and Tap, to Ballroom and Latin. Having travelled professionally all over the world Eddie has a wealth of experience in Television, Film and Theatre including assisting choreography for Netflix shows such as The Crown. A much loved dance teacher at Karen Hardy Studios, Eddie’s talents has led him to be 2019’s assistant choreographer for the much renowned BBC show Strictly Come Dancing


A pro at dancing Ballroom and Latin showcases with partner Honor (our Chrisanne Clover 2020 dance wear model >), with a focus on Pro-Am teaching, Eddie took time out of his hectic schedule to put on our menswear and show us exactly How He Wears It …


I love this shirt! Even though its use is for Ballroom competition with the complete attire underneath a Ballroom jacket, I would definitely wear this for show dances, loose with sleeves rolled up makes this the perfect smart casual look that is me! I can already envision a showdance that starts off complete while gradually removing the layers in between Honor’s costume changes. The black and white mix is my favourite out of this whole collection




You have spoke and we have listened … our ever popular competition shirt has now been adapted with poppers on the crotch for your dancing ease … 



This shirt is so versatile and is such a staple for any avid Ballroom and Latin dancer. For me I would wear this shirt for dance competitions dancing with my students of all ages. It can be dressed up with a tie for Ballroom, and for Latin either undoing a couple of buttons dancing with the younger age groups, or for Pro Am a few more buttons and rolling up the sleeves.  

 Its great as I need no costume change in between rounds lol! The raglan sleeve has a much cleaner line that doesn’t pucker up the shoulders when arms are in hold or being stylized.

Myself and Honor dance a lot of show dances and this shirt is an easy go to choice to wear! My favourite look is the casual rolled up sleeves and loose buttons. 



Between the choice of a V-neck or Round Neck my go to choice is the V-neck Tank Top. There is something more ‘manly’ about this style and the cut just suits the shape of the collar creating a sharp, smart finish. I would wear this tank top for dancing with my students in competitions and examinations. 


How do you wear your menswear? 

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