mia couture a dazzling history in time

Author Victoria McGregor

04 Apr 2018

In the summer of 2014 CHRISANNE CLOVER added to their sponsored portfolio a young and ambitious dancer who was only just moving up to compete as a Junior. – the first time we had sponsored anyone in this category.



Mia Linnik Holden was an excitable, fun loving 11 year old but most of all passionate about dance and where it was going to take her in life.  On the 31st of August 2014 she stepped out onto the dance floor as a Junior and in her first CHRISANNE CLOVER Sponsored Couture.  It was clearly a sign of things to come as her Turquoise Ballroom dress never even made it for sale on our website with it being sold immediately to a fellow competitor who saw it on that day.  From then on Mia never looked back – her own look and personal style with her dresses developing and becoming something that people couldn’t wait to see what she would be wearing next.



In 2015 Mia changed partners and started dancing with Andrei Toader, together whom have become a formidable Junior couple in both Ballroom and Latin, achieving highly where ever they dance.

Currently 1st as Junior Ballroom Champions in the UK and 2nd in Latin, as well as placing 1st in Under 16 Ballroom at the WDC AL Disney in 2017, these two have a determination, talent and strength as a couple that is not only shown in their results, attitudes to dance and how they perform but in their ambitious outlook for the future.

We are incredibly proud to be able to dress Mia in CHRISANNE CLOVER Sponsored Couture and look forward to supporting them as they progress through into Youth.


“Working with Mia from the beginning of her time at CHRISANNE CLOVER has been great as it has really allowed us to see her style evolve through the years. Mia always has contemporary and modern ideas when it comes to her designs, and it is so lovely having some fresh inspiration when it comes to designing with her.” Kushy, Couture Designer



'Working on Mia's designs is exciting on many levels because we feel like we have the freedom to experiment with fresh and modern looks. We have amazing input from Mia herself which collaborates brilliantly with our designers ideas,  allowing us to give Mia a look and style thats is so unique and distinctly "Mia".'  Asim, Head of Couture


Here we take a little look into the history of Mia’s Couture over the past 4 years with each dress embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®, designed and made in our London headquarters…



The first year of Mia’s sponsorship with CHRISANNE CLOVER, a tiny pint-sized beauty with dazzling blonde hair enhanced with lashings of tulle skirts, we start to unveil the first chapter in the story of Mia’s couture…



2014 saw Mia’s very first Tuquoise Ballroom dress adorned with penny sequins and embellished in Crystal AB, Crystal and Light Turquoise. The perfect first dress worn for a competition in Stockport.



As we experiment with Mia’s style her second dress was this dazzling Fluo Red velvet couture with lashings of layers of tulle skirts. A look that will further develop as we progress. Embellished in Crystal AB this dress was worn for the Stars of the Future u14 Ballroom championships in 2014 placing 2nd.



 Mia’s very first Latin dress with CHRISANNE saw this dazzling black crepe dress with layers of organza trimmed with satin bias. Embellished beautifully with Crystal AB, Citrine, Fire Opal, Emerald, Jet and Olivine. Worn for the Disney u14 and British Nationals in 2014.



Keeping with the frill design that is Mia’s current trend see’s this beautiful white ballroom dress with organza ruffles across the bodice and embellished in Crystal and Crystal AB. Worn for the Stars of the Future u16 Ballroom Championships in 2014 placing 10th place.



With a change of dance partner with the talented Andrei Toader, 2015 see’s Mia’s skirt style grow even bigger and bouncier experimenting with colours and the start of a new sexy sleek Latin  peplum style…



In keeping with the tulle trend we see Mia in a beautiful red Ballroom dress adorned with Glamour Motifs and embellished with Light Siam. A colour particularly suited to Mia and a colour that we come back to throughout Mia’s career. Worn for the UK Closed in Bournemouth under 14 in 2015 placing a magnificent 1st place with her now beautiful partner Andrei. The future for these two is very exciting to watch as we delve even further into Mia’s history of couture.



A dress that I would say is one of Mia’s statement dresses and a magnificent progress to Mia’s then style see’s this gorgeous Saffron and Polka dot couture with no embellishment. A beautiful peplum dress finished perfectly with a belt feature flattering the figure beautifully. Worn for the UK Closed u14 Ballroom Championship in 2015 placing 1st place.



 A sexy leather look lycra peplum latin dress with a stretch net skirt, embellished in Blue Zircon and worn for the Nationals 2015. Placing 4th place, this couture is a real turning point to Mia’s Latin look and the start of watching her grow up and mature.

 ‘This dress was a real turning point in Mia’s style and really set the bar! This dress stood out on the floor and Mia felt and looked amazing. They really stood out from the rest on the dancefloor and is a personal favourite of mine and one I will always remember’. Maxine Holden



 For the Nationals in 2015 we see Mia wear this striking couture with a colour mixture of Midnight Sky Velvet against the white tulle skirts. Embellished beautifully in Crystal AB, Cobalt and Crystal and placing a brilliant 3rd place.

 ‘To me this dress represented the team at CHRSIANNE and us finding what worked for Mia style wise  and I feel this dress really set the standard. A beautiful dress and another dress that has such fond memories.’ Maxine Holden


 Mia changes her look with a dramatic hair colour change to black that we all know and love. Goodbye Blonde! Mia and Andrei mature in style with the signature black look introducing itself magnificently with a huge style change from big tulle skirts to sleek and sophisticated flared godets. Attention to crystallization design detailing is key for this year…



In keeping with the peplum style that has become Mia’s well known style we now see Mia grown up in her look with her hair change to dark, that from hence forth becomes Mia’s signature look. Dressed in this gorgeous Black ruched Latin dress crystalized beautifully in Crystal AB. Worn for Junior Blackpool in 2016 placing 3rd.



 Another personal favourite of mine is this gorgeous Tango Flare tasselled Latin dress. An elegant and grown up look we no longer see Mia as a girl but a young  woman. Embellished in Sun, Crystal AB and Fire Opal this dress was also worn for Junior Blackpool in 2016 placing 3rd.



A gorgeous Champagne and Black peplum dress adorned with Amour motifs and embellished with Jet, Rose Gold, Rose Peach and Crystal AB. Worn for Junior Blackpool in 2016 placing a fantastic 1st place.



A magnificent Electric Blue Ballroom dress worn for Junior Blackpool Team Match in 2016. Embellished in Crystal AB and Capri Blue this is the last dress we see with tulle skirts as we see Mia’s style develop into more mature look…



 Gone are the layers of tulle skirts and instead we come to a more slick, elegant shape. A striking Electric Green dress embellished beautifully in Crystal AB and Peridot. Worn for the Stoke Championships and Southport championships 1st place junior Ballroom in both events.



 Here we see one of the first of Mia’s classic black looks, a colour that has become Mia’s signature look and style in both Ballroom and Latin. A stunning black velvet and stretch net couture embellished beautifully in Crystal AB and Jet, with intricate button effect detailing running down the centre back. Worn for the UK Closed placing 2nd.



Here we see an extremely different look for Mia with Blueberry to white shading and featuring a magnificent float effect top adorned with Hero Motifs. Embellished with Crystal AB and Cobalt and worn for the Stars of the Future placing 2nd. A beautiful dress and a distinct Mia couture.



One of my favourite Latin dresses Mia has worn is this gorgeous Hematite Latin couture. I believe this is a dress that once again set the standard of Mia’s style and was admired by many a dancer and spectator. A simple yet classic longline stretch net Latin dress with centre front and centre back splits, the exquisite crystallization detail on the back really set precedence. Embellished magnificently in Crystal AB, Fuchsia and Black Diamond and worn for the UK Closed Junior Championships placing 2nd. A look we return to again in the future…



 The stunning crystallization on this dress was much becoming on Mia featuring black velvet adorned with fringe and embellished in Crystal AB. The embellishment design was a fabulous look on Mia and another look we return to in the future with a Ballroom couture…



 A beautiful Sugar Pink Ballroom dress with Tutti Frutti organza underskirts showcasing a beautiful splash of colour with movement. A stunning alternative with seeing Mia in light colours and one that suits her perfectly. Embellished magnificently with Jet and Light Rose AB. A truly stunning Couture that defines Mia’s style and a look we return to later on in black…

 ‘I loved this Ballroom dress as this colour was not a colour I would have chosen normally (not black or red lol), but it looked so beautiful on Mia and did open me up to considering softer colours on Mia for the future.’ Maxine Holden



This stunning Red and Cappuccino Latin dress follows through on the exquisite style so grown up and becoming on Mia. With a beautiful luxury crepe skirt draped perfectly attached to a belt this style was a true beauty. Embellished beautifully in Light Siam this dress was worn for the Nationals placing a fantastic 1st place.



A variation of the above but in back sees this dress crystalized perfectly in Jet. Worn for Brentwood seeing Mia and Andrei make the quarter finals.

 ‘I absolutely loved this dress and is one of my all time favourites. It was a really sexy look and I felt so confident wearing it. I had so many comments on this dress and it was snapped up really quickly! The crystal design and draped skirt effect was gorgeous! I miss this dress lol.’ Mia



 With Maxine’s new love of pastels after the gorgeous Sugar Pink Ballroom dress, we return to a colour that Mia wore back in 2016 – the beautiful soft tones of Champagne. This time we see Mia in a beautiful pleated column of colour with the return of the peplum, this time letting the colour champagne speak for itself. Featuring a more elegant style with a nude stretch net top and sleeves and a gorgeous sweetheart neckline. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal AB and Rose Gold finished perfectly with a crystalized belt flattering the waistline beautifully. Worn for Brentwood and reaching the quarter finals.



 The return style of the magnificent Hematite Latin see’s this gorgeous variation in black and adorned with Crystal AB, Jet and Jet Hematite. Worn for the Disney EDC Junior Latin Championships placing 15th.



 As we grow with Mia so does her style and now with a keen focus on crystallization detailing we let the crystal design be the main focus on Mia’s couture. This year see’s this dancing duo become overnight sensations taking part in Channel 5’s documentary Baby Ballroom. Enhanced even further with it becoming available on Netflix Mia and Andrei become popular world wide…



 Keeping with the sheer look style of Latin and moving away from velvet, we see Mia wear this gorgeous Cobalt stretch net Latin dress with a tie waist belt feature. Embellished beautifully in Crystal AB and Cobalt Shimmer, Mia wore this for Junior Blackpool placing 8th.



 Concentrating on the delicate crystal design detailing that CHRISANNE CLOVER is renowned for, see’s Mia wear this beautiful off the shoulder Red sweetheart Ballroom dress embellished intricately with Crystal AB. Mia wore this dress for the team match in Junior Blackpool.



 A stunning variation of the Red Ballroom Dress above is this angelic white Couture. Beautiful swirl embellishment design crystallized with Crystal AB, Light Colorado Topaz and Silk Shimmer. Placing a brilliant 5th place at Junior Blackpool.




A magnificent Black feather Ballroom dress adorned with hackle feather and antenna along the top line, waist and hips. Embellished in Jet and Black Diamond Shimmer. Mia wore this dress for the Junior British Open Festival and the Viennese Waltz Championship placing 2nd.

‘I loved this dress we called it the Black Swan Dress! Very dramatic and so different to any other dress on the dancefloor. The feather detailing really made this dress so unique in style, absolutely gorgeous!’ Maxine Holden



 The dress best known for being worn on channel 5’s documentary Baby Ballroom, saw Mia and Andrei become overnight sensations and boosting their popularity even more when the show aired on Netflix. The return in style of the gorgeous Sugar Pink Ballroom dress worn in 2016, see’s this style make a comeback in the ever popular colour choice Mia is renowned for… Black -  with a touch of Blue Zircon! Featured on the introduction to Baby Ballroom on every episode this dress oozes class and sophistication like no other and stood out immensely on the dancefloor. Embellished beautifully in Blue Zircon and Light Turquoise this dress was worn for the Disney Paris Worlds placing a magnificent 1st place.



 The return in style of the beautiful Cobalt Latin dress worn for Junior Blackpool, see’s this magnificent variation in Black. Stunning crystallization along the back and skirt hemline this is a sexy look that see’s Mia style grow even further admired by many a dancer and spectator. Embellished beautifully in Crystal AB, Mia wore this dress for Stars of the Future placing a fantastic 2nd place.



 In keeping with the classic Black, we see a beautiful mix of metallic in silver and gold flashing perfectly with movement for the underskirts and tied in beautifully with the floats and crystallization. Embellished in Crystal, Light Colorado Topaz and Golden Shadow with intricate design detailing along the neckline. Worn for the Stars of the Future Junior Ballroom placing 2nd.



Experimenting with lace, we see this sublime micro fishnet Ballroom dress with a return of the peplum that was a key look for Mia back in 2016, adorned with Eternal motifs with an elegant key hole feature. Embellished in Jet this dress was worn for the UK Closed in Bournemouth placing a fantastic 2nd place.



Here we see a return in the colour Champagne with a mix of black that we saw Mia showcase in her dress in 2016. An adapted style moving on from the peplum and tulle skirts, and in keeping with the current trend of elegantly flared godets. Adorned with Rebecca Lace Ribbon with a stunning feature back godet in beaded embroidered net. Embellished in Jet, Rose, Peach and Rose Gold. Worn also for the UK Closed placing 2nd



 In keeping with the lace adornment shows this gorgeous Red stretch net Latin dress decorated with Amour Motifs and embellished with Light Siam. Worn also for the UK Closed in Bournemouth placing 2nd.



 Another favourite dress of mine full of detail and finesse see this classic black frilled Latin dress. Featuring organza ruffles and faux satin pocket design features with a lace up back. Embellished in Jet and worn also for the UK Closed in Bournemouth placing 2nd.



 Introducing Mia to feather boa shows this sublime red Ballroom dress with a smooth velvet bodice. Embellished in Light Siam Mia wore this dress for Brentwood placing 2nd.

 ‘This has to be my most favourite dress Mia has worn. The dress looked amazing on her and with the feather boa trim it floated and moved like no other on the dancefloor and Mia looked so elegant.’ Andrei Toader



 A return to the stunning embellishment crystal design along the neckline and cuffs, featured earlier with Mia’s velvet Latin dress back in 2016. This exquisite black Ballroom dress is adorned with feathers along the bottom of the skirt and crystalized with Crystal AB. Worn also for Brentwood placing 2nd.



 A gorgeous Cobalt Ballroom dress with a nude stretch net top, embellished magnificently in Crystal AB, Cobalt and Cobalt Shimmer. A striking colour on the dancefloor Mia looked absolutely beautiful and, with the dazzling crystallization Mia stood out like no other on the dancefloor. Worn at the Nationals and Disney placing a fantastic 1st place.

 ‘I have a real soft spot for this Ballroom dress, it was an insane dress on and off the dancefloor. The mix of the colour and crystallization was breath-taking!’ Maxine Holden



Another gorgeous black stretch net couture with beautiful crystallization in Volcano and Amethyst. Mia wore this dress for the Nationals placing 2nd.



For the first time, we see Mia dressed in a gorgeous white Latin dress adorned all over with shaded bugle bead droppers and embellished in Crystal AB. Simple yet elegant and a very grown up look for Mia. Also worn for the Nationals placing 2nd.


This is Mia and Andrei’s final year of dancing in Junior before going up to Amateur Ballroom next year. We see the start of Mia’s dresses for this year with the focus still being on the embellishment design, but with a more mature sexy fit with lower cuts and higher splits and, introducing feathers for a more luxurious finish…



 A striking Black Tulle Ballroom dress, a stunning mature look and going back to Mia’s original style back in 2015 and lovely to see make a comeback. A stunning nude stretch net top embellished beautifully with Jet and Crystal AB with a beautiful satin bow tie at the back of the neck to finish. Satin strips criss crossed around the waist line completing the figure perfectly following through with a big tulle skirt trimmed with satin. A gorgeous dress worn for the Champions of Tomorrow, Blackpool in January placing a fantastic 1st place.



 An elegant longline frill luxury crepe Latin dress embellished beautifully with Crystal AB, Jet, Light Rose and Light Rose AB. Full of elegance and style this dress was also worn for the Champions of Tomorrow in Blackpool placing another fabulous 1st place.



 Up to present day we see Mia in her classic black couture with stunning embellishment on the inside of the skirt, perfectly enhanced with the whipping action the Latin dances have to offer. Featuring stretch net and embellished in Crystal, Mia wore this for the Europeans in Blackpool placing 6th.



A gorgeous colour on Mia is this Blueberry stretch net couture embellished beautifully in Crystal and adorned with bead droppers. Also worn for the Europeans Junior Blackpool placing 6th place and 6th in the British Open Latin final. Mia and Andrei were also top U16 10 dance couple in the world, the only couple out of over 200 competitors to reach both finals. 



 Adorned with feathers Mia goes back to the classic red that suits her so well but with a figure flattering corset approach to the embellishment detailing in Light Siam. Decorated beautifully with red bead droppers with gorgeous flared float sleeves, a different look to Mia’s big drape floats we have seen in the past. Also worn for the Europeans Junior Blackpool placing 2nd place, and placing a magnificent 1st place in the British Open Junior Ballroom, winning all 4 dances!

View their amazing win HERE



 A stunning variation of the previous red couture, features this magnificent black Ballroom dress adorned with crystal. Worn also for Junior Blackpool placing a magnificent 1st place in the North of England Championships in Blackpool, for 3 years running.



 Lovely to see Mia back in fluorescence with this stunning Tropic Lime and Cappuccino Ballroom dress. Adorned with Emma motifs with a lovely georgette peplum frill, a key look that was Mia’s style back in 2016 and lovely to see back again. Embellished beautifully with Peridot Shimmer, Crystal AB and Silk Shimmer. A striking colour on Mia lets hope to see more fluorescence on Mia in the future. Worn for the GB Team Match at Junior Blackpool.



With CHRISANNE CLOVER Sponsoring Mia for 4 years it has been a wonderful insight into watching Mia grow with grace and style in her dancing and couture. With this being the last Junior Blackpool Mia and Andrei will enter we see them move up to Youth next year as Andrei turns 16. An exciting time to not only delve deeper into Mia’s luxurious couture with enhancing her style and look even further, but also watching Mia and Andrei grow from each success so beautifully as a dance couple. From a fun loving 11-year-old with big and bouncy tulle Ballroom skirts, to a beautiful young lady with a sleek and sophisticated style, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this perfect dancing duo.


Watch their stunning video Journey of the last 4 years HERE



Read more about Mia in her CHRISANNE CLOVER profile HERE





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