new crystals from swarovski

Author Victoria McGregor

14 Feb 2018

This February month we bring to you a dazzling new collection of CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®. Introducing a beautiful new colour MAJESTIC BLUE and a divine collection of NEW Emerald Cut Sew On Crystals in a fabulous array of colours, perfectly adding to our extensive collection of much sought after crystals …



Majestic Blue

This beautiful deep sea blue colour is the perfect addition added to our array of exquisite crystals that we stock. Resting beautifully in the family of blue’s: CobaltCapri Blue and Sapphire.  


Majestic Blue dazzles magnificently with our fabric colour collection in COBALT and opens up even more crystallization design ideas to truly create a bespoke couture like no other.


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Emerald Cut Sew-On Crystals

This luxurious new cut is the latest sew-on introduction. Available in 12 colours; including the latest Majestic Blue, with its softened edges this shape teams beautifully with the Square 3240, Rectangle 3250 and Cosmic Baguette 3255 sew on shapes





A dazzling Emerald and Silver Ballroom dress featuring silver metallic dot lycra and emerald with skirts layered in satin chiffon over organza. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Crystal and Emerald. The NEW Emerald Cut Sew-On Crystals have been used in Crystal and Emerald to create the very bold linear statement creating a very modern look.


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