new espen for chrisanne clover dancewear

Author Victoria McGregor

23 May 2018


We are proud to introduce to you our exquisite NEW dancewear collection 

Espen Salberg for CHRISANNE CLOVER.
Espen has designed the finest pieces to bring you this impressive third Collection.

A range that holds both beauty and elegance but with an alluring twist in the form of a rich animal print.


Sydney Top with the Nevada Ballroom Skirt


The detailing of each piece has taken into consideration both sophistication and style by using a combination of Black and Animal printed CHRISANNE CLOVER Crepe and sensational design elements for the ultimate dancewear or evening attire.


Colorado Latin Dress


The formation of Espen's designs allow the animal print to be either on full display or kept secret until the pieces you wear are in full movement. Clever box pleating and detailing give the skirts hidden depth that bring even more fullness and colour to the skirts when you dance. 


Sydney Top Animal Print


We had much call from our customers to bring back the Tokyo Leotard, Berlin Leotard and Sydney top from Espen Salberg's first collection to which you can find they have returned in both black and animal print options. 

Tokyo Leotard with the Boston Latin Skirt


Seeing Espen's sketches come to life in these gorgeous pieces has been an amazing experience and we're sure you too will want to experience and wear such a beautiful collection.


See the full Collection HERE

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