new metallic lycra colours

Author Victoria McGregor

06 Feb 2018

By popular demand we are proud to introduce our new fabulous collection of colours in our much sought after Metallic Lycra Range.


This versatile fabric is perfect for costumes in all aspects of dance including Ballroom, Latin, Freestyle, Ice Skating, Gymnastics, Baton Twirling and Swimming. The beauty of this fabric makes way to a vast range of design ideas creating striking looks that sparkle, giving that lustre wet look shine that dazzles under the spotlights.

With its lycra base this fabric gives the perfect stretch for leotards and dresses. With shine fabric being a huge trend setting fabric of this season we have a magnificent colour range now available in colours…


Aqua on Jade

Black on Black

Copper on Brown

Dark Pink on Red

Electric Blue on Blue

Emerald on Green

Gold on Gold

Gold on Yellow

Jade on Jade

Pink on Lavender

Pink on Orange

Pink on Pink

Purple on Black

Purple on Purple

Red on Red

Silver on Black

Silver on Grey

Silver on Green

Silver on Light Blue

Silver on Tutti Frutti

Silver on White

Turquoise on Purple

Turquoise on Turquoise

White on White



The beauty of this fabric is…

 It looks exquisite embellished with crystals, decorated with lace, fringe, feathers and bead droppers..

 Cut into shapes to add a shimmer of wet look design detailing on your couture,

 Or a personal favourite of mine… teamed with a stretch net overlay creating a shimmer of metallic shine showing through the stretch net ever so elegantly.



For more ideas on how to use Metallic Lycra in your couture why not be inspired with our beautiful SPONSORED GOLD dresses using this very fabric…



 Evgeniya dazzled at the UK Open Championships 2018 in this Silver and Blue Paradise Ballroom dress. Featuring silver metallic dot shine lycra with a nude stretch top embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal and Crystal AB.



 Olga wore this majestic black and nude feather Ballroom dress featuring cappuccino stretch net over gold metallic lycra, adorned beautifully in Eternal Motifs in Black and Black Bugle Bead Droppers. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Jet, Jet Hematite and Light Colorado Topaz.



Olga also wore a radiant metallic gold and white ballroom dress for the Internationals 2017 featuring metallic dot lycra in gold adorned in gold bead droppers and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal ABLight Colorado Topaz and Golden Shadow. 



Joanne wore a striking silver metallic shaded Ballroom dress for the Internationals 2017. Featuring silver metallic dot lycra embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in CrystalCrystal ABSilver Shade and Black Diamond. Softened beautifully with white tulle frills floating diagonally down the dress creating an elegant finish.



Izabela wore a shimmering gold metallic Ballroom dress for the internationals 2017. Featuring gold metallic dot lycra adorned in gold bead droppers and decorated with Ariana motifs in gold. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Light Colorado TopazLight SilkSilk Shimmer and Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer. 



Our much sought after catalogue inspirational dress features cappuccino stretch net over a Silver metallic lycra bodice to give it that magnificent sheen. Awe inspiringly embellished both front and back, in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Crystal and Crystal Shimmer.



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