new swarovski additions

Author Victoria McGregor

06 Sep 2019

This month we are thrilled to share with you the new arrivals collections from Swarovski® including 5 striking new colours in the DeLite range ...



This striking Black Ballroom dress is beautifully embellished in the NEW collection of DeLite LacquerPRO effect crystals from Swarovski. Beautiful floral crystallization flows across the bodice in colours Orange Glow DeLite, Silky Sage DeLite and Lotus Pink DeLite. 




This smooth shaded Ballroom dress combines colours Turquoise and Blueberry perfectly. Embellished in the NEW DeLite LacquerPRO effects from Swarovski in Lotus Pink DeLite, Royal Blue DeLite and Silky Sage DeLite. 



This dazzling Lilac Dream and Bluebell Ballroom dress features our Tropical Infusion floral print on georgette that adds fantastic texture and personality to this couture. Embellished in Crystals from Swarovski in the new lacquerPRO DeLite effects from Swarovski in colours Lavender DeLite, Ocean DeLite and Light Grey DeLite. 


Read more about the DeLite LacquerPRO Effects from Swarovski® HERE >

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