paloma feather couture collection

Author Victoria McGregor

07 Feb 2020


Every dancers dream dress has a vision of feathers on their couture and this trend showed that it is never going to go out of style at the UK Open. Feathers were everywhere and truly came alive on the dance floor with feathers dancing across the room on exquisite couture...



Feathers are always in demand with our customers but in order to create looks that are unique and full of personality, we have created this collection of couture that focuses on using feathers in new and interesting ways, showing that feathers doesn't always have to work on the hem of a dress.

Get the glamour and luxury the beauty of feather has to offer with these unique and elegant one off designs.'  
Joseph Suttle, Couture Designer



The inspiration for this dress was taken from a range of catwalk shows showcasing feather. I wanted a design that portrayed luxury and elegance.

The Feather cape feature and feathered back creates this look aided by the clear crystal stones forming V shapes, drawing the eye down the body. The mimicked pattern on the gloves adds a little sparkle and extension to the dress, whilst the simple floats keep distraction from the body to a minimum.




This stunning Plum Ballroom dress features feather appliquéd beautifully over the georgette skirt with crystallized finish, creating elegant movement. Beautifully embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal and Amethyst, with pleated georgette floats floating from centre back to wrist.


This dazzling Ballroom dress features our  Midnight Sky Starlight Stretch Net that adorns the bodice for a dazzling shine, embellished with Swarovski® crystals including colours Light Sapphire, Majestic Blue and Cobalt. White Marabou feather boa beautifully drapes over the bodice, cascading over the shoulders and floats down from each wrist. Perfectly marrying with the feather boa trim that adorns the skirt hem for a luxurious finish.


This Buttercream Ballroom dress features marabou feather trimming magnificent float bell shaped sleeves. Crystallized roulous hang from godet points with marabou trim floating down for stunning movement. The bodice is embellished in Swarovski® Crystals with Crystal and Crystal AB, with beaded fringe draping elegantly across the centre back. 

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