pearl chiffon vs satin chiffon

Author Victoria McGregor

01 May 2018



Pearl Chiffon vs Satin Chiffon?

It is completely down to personal preference! Pearl Chiffon and Satin Chiffon are top selling fabrics within our range, and are available in a large array of colours. Both Chiffon fabrics have a luxurious feel and texture, which move beautifully in skirts and floats for ultimate fluidity of movement and shine.

Satin Chiffon is EXCLUSIVE to CHRISANNE CLOVER and due to its light nature holds a slightly higher sheen than Pearl Chiffon, which has a marginal subtleness to its shine.

Both Pearl Chiffon and Satin Chiffon are perfect for use for Ballroom and Latin dresses. Skirts and floats are perfect for displaying the qualities of the chiffon within Ballroom dresses.  In Latin dresses, the Pearl Chiffon or Satin Chiffon can be draped over leotards and bodices creating an elegant and sophisticated drape, lustrous fluidity and motion during dancing.  These fabrics are also great for Ice skating when used in the same way to Latin dresses.

We offer a pleating service which is a fantastic alternative way to add flare to your dress, creating a new dimension to the overall look. Pearl and Satin Chiffon fabrics pleat extremely well, making this a top design choice.


The Designer's Top Picks...

Satin Chiffon and Pearl Chiffon are great fabrics to create that fantastic shine on a skirt, it gives the dress a very luxurious feel and also catches the light amazingly (especially in Blackpool)! A great dress I have designed to highlight this is dress BDD694MM. The Hematite Pearl Chiffon shines so beautifully with the Lustre Lycra. The feather detailing adds such exquisite texture and elegance.’

Kushy, Couture Designer



A beautiful Hematite Ballroom dress adorned with feather fringe and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Golden Shadow and Light Colorado Topaz. Skirts layered with Pearl Chiffon over Organza underskirts hemmed in crinoline creating magnificent bounce and movement.



‘I usually design with Satin Chiffon in mind, mainly because of the wide selection of colours available 😊The dress I have enjoyed designing with the most in Satin Chiffon is the gorgeous Gold and Midnight Sky Ballroom Couture BDD946MM. The Gold Satin Chiffon is so lustrous in shine and it gives such a rich texture. I adore this dress I feel the Gold looks so striking against the Midnight Sky, enhanced beautifully with the Swarovski Crystals 😊

Joseph, Couture Designer


A striking combination of colours with stunning skirts mixed with Midnight Sky and Gold Satin Chiffon. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Metallic Sunshine, Light Silk, Light Colorado Topaz and Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer.


 Be Inspired with more of our Sponsored Gold Couture and Stock dresses…




Featuring Pearl Chiffon this beautiful Emerald Ballroom dress was deisgned for our Sponsored Gold dancer Monica Nigro. Teamed with Lycra for the main bodice and embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB.



Featuring Satin Chiffon this striking Black Ballroom dress was designed for our Sponsored Gold dancer Signe Busk. Teamed with velvet patterned beautifully on the bodice and adorned in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Jet.



Featuring pleated Satin Chiffon in Blue Zircon, this beautiful Ballroom dress combines colours Blue Zircon and Midnight Sky perfectly. Made with Midnight Sky Lustre Lycra and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal and Blue Zircon


A similar fabric to our Pearl Chiffon and Satin Chiffon range is our NEW Satin Georgette collection.

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