pleated perfection collection

Author Victoria McGregor

23 Mar 2020


This stunning collection focuses on the beauty of pleating where our designers have played with creating different looks that truly brings the texture to life ...



Pleated perfection was a chance for us to really play into elegance and sophistication with showing off the pleated fabrics and how they can be used effectively, with almost unrivalled versatility. From drapes and floats, to more structured creations this collection is certainly a stunning one. Joseph Suttle, Couture Design



This Blueberry Ballroom couture features pleated organza perfectly wrapping itself into the neckline and flowing down the centre back, enhanced with pleated georgette floats and skirts that oozes class and sophistication. The bodice is beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals including colours Hyacinth Shimmer, Fuchsia Shimmer, Light Siam Shimmer and Sapphire. Pleated georgette skirts rests over organza underskirts finishing the theme perfectly. 




This striking Sassy Yellow couture features stretch net vertically ruched down the bodice with lycra strips embellished with Swarovski® Crystals in Crystal and AB. Pleated georgette skirts rests over satin chiffon, with organza underskirts. Stretch net sleeves feature dynamic pleated georgette that floats elegantly into perfect float effects. 




This dazzling Red Ballroom dress features pleated circles that adorn the shoulders floating down over the arms, with pleated satin chiffon floats floating from each arm on embellished arm bands. Bead droppers enrich the bodice and is embellished with Swarovski® Crystals including colours Lotus Pink DeLite, Hyacinth Shimmer, Light Siam, Scarlet and Fuchsia Shimmer. Pleated georgette adorns the centre back in contrast to the satin chiffon centre front, layered over organza underskirts.







This dazzling Hematite Ballroom dress features pleated satin chiffon along the sleeve hem that extends out into elegant float effects for a dynamic finish. Mirrored perfectly with pleated satin chiffon skirts that rests over silver organza underskirts. The bodice is beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals including colours Tanzanite Shimmer, Burgundy DeLite, Cobalt Shimmer and Black Diamond Shimmer.




This beautiful white Ballroom dress features a deep v neckline flowing into a centre front zip with the bodice embellished in Swarovski® crystals in Crystal and Crystal Shimmer. White satin adorns the godets hemmed with crinoline for extra body and movement, layered over white organza underskirts. Pleated georgette adorns the centre back flowing out into an extended float, mirrored with a pleated float on the left wrist.


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Sunray half circle pleating sizes and pricing per piece

GEORGETTE > £25.35 £35.45 £38.95
LUXURY GEORGETTE > £30.85 £40.95 £44.20
SATIN CHIFFON > £34.85 £48.90 £57.95
SATIN GEORGETTE > £31.85 £41.95 £45.20
SATIN > £40.60 £53.70 £72.45
ORGANZA > £26.85 £37.70 £42.45


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