pumpkin spice couture

Author Victoria McGregor

26 Oct 2020

 We’re celebrating the fall season with this standout collection of autumnal hues. By combining a range of bold reds, burnt oranges and bright, playful yellows, these dresses are elevated to a new level,  all the while complimented with showstopper Swarovski® embellishments to create both beautiful and classic looks. 



UK size 10

The unique combination of fiery orange, elegant black and stunning sequin of this couture is a particular standout for me. I love the burst of bold colour on the skirt, peaking through as the dress moves while the shimmer stones and liquid hues of the sequins work in perfect harmony, catching the beautiful orange highlights for true sparkle. 

Phoebe Ratcliff Reid, Couture Designer


Featuring our NEW fabric Sequin Jersey Multi-coloured on Black along the side seams, beautifully embellished with Swarovski® Crystals in Light Rose Shimmer with Light Amethyst Shimmer Teardrop jewel stones. Skirts are layered in Black georgette over orange satin chiffon, with organza underskirts.  


Be dressed in luxury with this gorgeous Wine Ballroom dress BDD113PP beautifully embellished with Swarovsk®i Crystals in colours Royal Red DeLite, Jet and Rose. Beaded fringe adorns the bodice for added movement and texture, with satin chiffon skirts layered over organza underskirts for added volume.  


Get the butterfly effect with this striking Orange and Black Ballroom dress BDD932NN that features an exquisite butterfly bodice, beautifully embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® including colours Light Grey DeLite, Lavender DeLite, Royal Red DeLite, Lotus Pink DeLite, Ocean DeLite, Army Green DeLite and Silky Sage DeLite. Skirts are layered in orange georgette over electric pink satin chiffon, with electric pink organza underskirts. 




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