same sex female ballroom world champions

Author Victoria McGregor

17 Aug 2018

A huge congratulations goes to our Sponsored dancer Petra Zimmermann and her partner Caroline Privou for becoming the Same Sex Female Ballroom World Champions!




‘We are Same Sex Female Ballroom World Champions!

It was and still is an amazing journey in a four-year cycle from our first Gay Games Gold Medal 2006 in Chicago to the Gay Games Gold medals we obtained 2010 in our home town Cologne and 2014 in Cleveland and now it is 2018 and we still relive the moment we were rewarded with our fourth Gay Games gold medal! and ninth World Champions titlle in a row (including two Senior titles). 
We could not be more grateful and want to thank our team of family, friends and teachers who have always and ever unconditionally supported and believed in us whatever we deceided and wherever we competed and without whom nothing of this would have been possible! You have inspired and guided us and made us stronger and better! A special thanks also goes to all the ladies with whom we shared the floor and the dedication for same-sex dance!’
Caroline Privou


Petra looked amazing in her Chrisanne Clover Couture Ballroom dress!


Here is a little insight to the champion duo…


When did you start dancing together?

We started dancing in 2001 in Cologne and have been partners ever since!


What are your highest achievements?

Current European and World Champion Female Same Sex Ballroom

13 times German Female Same Sex Ballroom Champion

9 times Female Ballroom World Champion 

7 times European Champion

Blackpool Same Sex Dancefestival Champions

Open Competitions 2017/2018: Finalist WDC-AL European Senior over 35 Championships;

19th place Senior Blackpool Dance Festival,

Semifinalist Senior International Championships, 3rd place Senior UK Open Bournemouth Summer Festival and Freedom to Dance German Open Championships and fourth place Senior over 35 Milano Grand Ball.



What is your favourite dance?

depends on mood and music but we always like Quickstep


What is your favourite competition?

Blackpool Dance Festival and in the same sex circuit the annual Pink Jukebox Trophy, London.


What is your proudest dancing moment?

Fortunately, we had a lot of moments in our career that were very special for us due to different reasons but certainly one of the most moving experiences was entering the world famous Empress Ballroom as a same sex couple in the Senior competition of the prestiguos and world famous Blackpool Dance festival.



How long have you been sponsored by CHRISANNE CLOVER?

Our partnership with Chrisanne Clover started in the beginning of 2014


Why do you love being sponsored by CHRISANNE CLOVER?

Chrisanne Clover has an amazing history of sponsoring a lot of world famous ballroom couples and make them look very special on the floor. Chrisanne Clover most often is one step ahead in the design of dresses and the fabrics they use and they have created a very own style that perfectly matches our own ideas and our personalities. We thus feel very honoured to be chosen by the Chrisanne Clover family as a representative.



What designs and styles do you look for in a CHRISANNE CLOVER Couture?

We prefer dress designs that perfectly outline the body shapes, highlight femine features and underline the elegance of ballroom dancing and we, too, love to sparkle on the floor! 


 What colours are you most attracted to?

Black and White is our favorite colour and actually our nickname in the dancing scene is 'Black and White' referring to our hair colour which is highlighted perfectly by our CHRISANNE CLOVER dresses where the majority have been designed in an elegant black and white mix.


Watch Caroline and Petra dance HERE


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