satin georgette

Author Victoria McGregor

21 Jun 2017

We have a brilliant new collection of SATIN GEORGETTE in an array of beautiful colours perfectly colour matching within our fabulous colour range.


So what is Satin Georgette and what makes this fabric different to our Satin Chiffon, Pearl Chiffon and Georgette range?

Satin Georgette is a fluid non sheer georgette with a beautiful sheen that has more weight and more dense than our satin chiffon, pearl chiffon and georgette range.


American Smooth…

The qualities of satin georgette makes this fabric perfect for using as a single layer for American Smooth Ballroom dresses.


Spiral Frill Floats…

Satin Georgette is fabulous for using for spiral frill floats. With the fabric being slightly heavier than our chiffon/georgette range the colour of the spiral floats will be much brighter and less sheer.


Juvenile Dancewear…

Satin Georgette is a fantastic fabric that can be used in Juvenile wear as you would need less skirt layers due to the dense of the fabric, and still get a chiffon finish.


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