shades of pastel

Author Victoria McGregor

17 Mar 2021

The tranquillity of pastels was a trend predicted for Winter 2020 but will see it blossom well into the Spring/Summer of 2021. Soothing to the soul, pastel shades have associated itself recently with self-care, togetherness and positivity though these unprecedented times.



The pastel trend is a soft, comforting colour palette that brings back fond childhood memories of sweets, clouds and dreams. Be inspired with our former couture collections and shop the fabric colour range that suits you ….


A gorgeous pastel blue hue bluebell symbolizes gratitude and everlasting love.


Neutral, calm and relaxing Buttercream is a luxurious pastel shade that oozes elegance and sophistication.


A stunning Champagne fabric collection that represents sophistication and comfort.


A fine line between blue and green, this gorgeous shade of blue Aqua symbolises balance, peace and energy, evoking feelings of reinvigoration and dreaminess.


Lilac Dream is a beautiful hue that symbolizes happiness, tranquillity and emotion.


A refreshing shade of green Spearmint promotes feelings of tranquillity and calm.


Sugar Pink is a delicate shade that is cute, charming, feminine and sweet. A positive colour inspiring warmth and comfort.


This gorgeous colour Ice Blue associates itself with calmness and spirituality, promoting truth and tranquillity.


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