shimmer crystal

Author Victoria McGregor

02 Nov 2016


Chrisanne Clover have just launched an exciting new Swarovski enhanced AB colour stone collection in a variety of colours in ss16 and ss20. The shimmer collection is a stunning light AB stone colour range and is an addition to the Swarovski portfolio of luxurious coloured flatbacks.



Multi Coloured Brilliance

Taking the famed Aurora Borealis finish to even greater levels of kaleidoscopic beauty, the new Crystal Shimmer effect adds a touch of multicoloured brilliance to coloured crystals. Its unique light refractions are designed to make colours more dazzling and to create a softer, more elegant shimmer that accentuates every precision movement of the body.

The look of Crystal Shimmer is one of standout, high-performance brilliance. Costumes become eye-catching, with every angle and movement highlighted with the spectacular and charismatic shades of the Northern Lights.



Shiny colours have more standout

Northern Lights colours catch the eye of the audience

Costumes reflect each movement subtly and gracefully

Enables unique designs, including degrade effects using three shades of a single colour

Draws the eye to key parts of the body in motion

Accentuates precisely executed movements



For more than mere Embellishment

Crystal throws off myriad shards of light that emphasize a dancer's every move, tracking motion and lighting up the stage. As such, crystal and dance make for a symbiotic partnership that's perfectly reflected in Swarovski's collaborative relationship with one of the most renowned ateliers in dancesport, Chrisanne Clover.




I used the shimmer stones within the stoning designs for three of my sponsored girls at the Royal Albert Hall. Each dancer thought the shimmer stones gave an added brilliance to their stoning design. It gives the ability to have a dual colour effect like 2 different AB types within the same stone. Our sponsored lady Sara who won the Amateur Ballroom at the Internationals had a number of the stone patterns on her dress in silk shimmer on her white final dress. She also wore the light sapphire shimmer on her blue dress that she wore in her earlier rounds.’

Natalie, Chrisanne Clover Couture Designer, London



'I have just used this shimmer collection on a ballroom dress and used the colours ss16 fuchsia shimmer and ss16 siam shimmer. The stones look absolutely stunning on the dress, far more eye catching and my customer was so so happy. I would recommend using the shimmer crystals to anybody and will definitely be using more in the future.'

Sophie, Dressmaker, London

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