smooth european professional champions

Author Victoria McGregor

18 Jul 2018

Taking the American Smooth world by storm a huge congratulations goes to our SPONSORED GOLD dancers Craig and Evgeniya Shaw for becoming the first American Smooth European Professional Champions!



'48 hr marathon of flying ended with a wonderful evening in Cervia at the festival Danza where we became the first American Smooth European Professional Champions. So blessed to share this wonderful style with the dance world and do what we love to do which is dance with each other...'Craig Shaw



‘This is definitely the best way to travel. So proud of my man for this weekend, blessed to have shared this historic moment with him. Thank you for all the wonderful wishes and love we received over the last few days. The few days recharge after the competition was exactly what we needed as a family. Ready to go again and charge forward for the UK Closed in Bournemouth. Let’s go!!!...' Evgeniya Shaw



Congratulations to you both on your fantastic win:) What is it about American Smooth dancing that you love so much?

We love Smooth because the expression and the creativity of the dance is endless. It opens up your body movement to a completely different range. The fantastic possibilities of individual dancing with partner separation, combined with the different speed changes comes the freedom and the connection with the audience that differs so eloquently to traditional Ballroom dancing.


What do you look for in an American Smooth Couture?

The couture should reflect the expression and freedom of the dance exhibiting a slinkier style showing more skin – channelling our inner Latin. The couture also needs to be much lighter therefore less material needed. The skirt is not as full, we can pick it up and use it in dance enhancing our movements and generally, crinoline is not needed. The split in the skirt is optional but I absolutely adore this look as it gives a different feeling to that of a Ballroom dress. The absence of floats allows for different underarm turns and trickery.




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