smooth velvet and velvet gloss

Author Victoria McGregor

03 Feb 2020


Be as smooth as velvet this February with a fantastic 20% off smooth velvet and velvet gloss! 




'We love using our extensive range of velvets! The depth and rich colour that the fabrics offer, effortlessly elevate a dress without having to fill every space with stones. The texture and shine add another dimension that can be used as contrast or in a full dress for ultimate luxury.

For the design team, our favourite dresses we have designed using these fabrics are 956NN & 955NN. For these styles we used special Swarovski® crystals,  but because of the depth of the velvet body we were able to focus our embellishments in statement areas while retaining a rich elegant look to the dresses.' 

Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer


This blueberry Ballroom dress dazzles in all the right places with its velvet gloss bodice wet look shine, enhanced perfectly with an array of Swarovski® crystals exploding in colours Crystal and Light Rose.

Electric Pink contrasts with Blueberry in underskirts and floats for the ultimate finishing touch.

This Plum Ballroom dress is the ultimate in charm and sophistication with its velvet sweetheart bodice beautifully embellished in Swarovski® crystals in Crystal and Crystal AB. Stretch net adorns the back and arms for an elegant sheer finish adorned with linear crystals falling beautifully down the centre back.

Skirts are layered in satin chiffon over organza underskirts, accessorized with a crystallized necklace and belt feature, with georgette floats floating from each arm completing the look


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