stretch lace finery

Author Victoria McGregor

23 Feb 2018


With a fabulous collection of Stretch Laces ranging from florals to abstract designs, the choice for a bespoke couture suiting your style and personality becomes limitless…


There are so many design possibilities with stretch lace and the style of lace to choose from. One of our most popular laces is the Geometric Stretch Lace with its large floral pattern. This lace is perfect for being noticed on the dancefloor at a distance and the perfect pattern to crystalize. Some prefer a smaller pattern such as the Flower Stretch Lace which is perfect for adding a lace style to juvenile dancewear for any age. For those that are not a fan of a floral print the Galactic and Swirl stretch laces are also perfect for dances such as freestyle and menswear. The stunning abstract patterns make these lace styles an easy pattern to follow when crystalizing with crystals.



I think my favourite stretch lace is the flower or floral cascade as the pattern isn’t too big but is still quite defined and it’s not too open on the mesh areas. Usually used on Ballroom dresses over a tan Lycra which is particularly effective, or self colour Lycra underneath for the body part and/or with sleeves,  spotted all over with crystals. It is a good lace for Latin dresses with bead droppers sewn into it. Occasionally I’ll use a lace ribbon or motifs to embroider around neckline edge/ back edge to make it more 3D and irregular on edges.’

Beverly Holly, Loyal Customer


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‘My favourite stretch lace really depends on the age of the customer –for example my favourite lace for juvenile dresses is flower stretch lace.  It comes in a good range of colours and the pattern isn’t too large which can swamp a small juvenile girl, plus all little girls like a pretty flower lace.  For juniors and adults my favourite lace is Geometric stretch lace, it is very easy to work with and gives a dramatic look to a dress.

I mostly use stretch lace for juvenile dresses in both Ballroom and Latin.  My use of lace for junior and adult dresses tends to be for Ballroom.

I tend to decorate the lace with crystals, either same/toning colours or Crystal AB, there doesn’t seem to be a majority preference amongst my customers.  I have used the guipure lace motifs onto a lace background previously and this gives a good effect.’

Julia Redman, Loyal Customer


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I think my favourite stretch lace is the Geometric Stretch Lace because the design itself is quite abstract and not overly floral. The wide spaces between the flowers allow us to be able to add another contrast colour under the lace and have it really show through as a feature creating great impact. An example of this is on a beautiful Midnight Sky couture I designed BDD330LL’

Kushy Jutlla, Couture Designer



 Taking a closer look at Kushy’s favourite lace couture combines a beautiful mix of colours using Geometric Stretch Lace in Midnight Sky with Rose Pink. Adorned with CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Light Rose, Light Rose AB and Cobalt


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A divine Blue Zircon Ballroom dress featuring Galactic Stretch Lace over Cappuccino Lycra and adorned with Tamara Lace Ribbon along the neckline and wrists. Embellished using CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVKSI® in Crystal AB, Blue Zircon and Copper.



A gorgeous Red Ballroom dress featuring Floral Cascade Stretch Lace over Red lycra. Embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB, Light Siam, Siam and Light Siam AB.



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