stretch net an essential beauty

Author Victoria McGregor

06 Feb 2018


Stretch Net is an essential fabric for every  Ballroom and Latin dance wear dressmaker and designer. Therefore I wanted to focus on this fabulous and versatile mesh for a better understanding of this fabrics full potential.


With over 40 colours to choose from, CHRISANNE CLOVER Stretch Net is perfect for all your performance needs. A high quality fine net with great durability and excellent recovery.

 An easy way to add extra coverage without restriction, this multi-purpose stretch fabric is a designer’s dream. Ideal for layering and draping to really add depth and texture to any design, meaning your style options are endless.



The fantastic elasticity of this stretch net makes this mesh an amazing fabric to dance in as it does not restrict movement, giving way to the body action required at a high performance level. With its amazing stretch and ventilation, Stretch Net is the  perfect fabric for all performance wear such as ice skating, gymnastics and sports wear.



As well as being an essential fabric for our Couture range, Stretch Net is also used plentifully within our NEW CHRISANNE CLOVER Dancewear range, teamed with Luxury Crepe it is used beautifully for sleeves and neckline top finishes for an exquisite finish…


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Stretch Net in Couture…


Stretch Net is an essential fabric used in all of CHRISANNE CLOVER’S finest Couture dancewear. With its fabulous elasticity and sheer finish, Stretch Net is a very versatile and must have fabric for both Ballroom and Latin Dancewear. The colour Nude is the ‘designers choice’ at CHRISANNE CLOVER as it is fabulous for the use in sleeves and tops embellished in CRYSTALS, giving a lustrous shimmer nude effect with the ability to smooth and refine the skin tone.



Stretch Net is widely used for the bodices and dresses of CHRISANNE CLOVER Couture Dancewear. With Ballroom Couture in particular, stretch net over a lycra bodice is a great favourite whether they be colour matching fabrics or combining 2 different colours to get a different effect.


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Latin Couture…


Stretch Net is a prominent, in demand fabric to use for Latin Dresses. Its sheer quality makes this a much desired fabric to create a sexy look in Latin wear.  Whether it be used for long or short dresses, with splits, drapes or flared, it is the must have fabric to create the aspired looks admired by every dancer. Stretch Net looks beautifully elegant embellished in Crystals, adorned in fringe and decorated with bead droppers.



Be Inspired with STRETCH NET with these stunning Stretch Net Latin Dresses available to buy now…


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 Designed for Mia this elegant Black stretch net Latin dress is embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in colours Volcano and Amethyst.


Ready to Wear Collection



A stunning Hematite Stretch Net Paso Smooth Latin dress embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®  in Black Diamond Shimmer, Light Colorado Shimmer, Silk Shimmer, Light Silk and Crystal AB.



A brilliant Cappuccino and Black stretch net Latin dress using a double layer of Cappuccino and a single layer of Black. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®  in Crystal AB, Crystal, Black Diamond, Jet Hematite and Jet.



A magnificent Blueberry stretch net Latin dress with a split in right side front elongating the legline perfectly. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®  in Peridot Shimmer, Peridot, Light Sapphire Shimmer, Sapphire, Crystal AB and Light Turquoise.



A striking Sassy Yellow and Black Latin dress embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI®  in Citrine, Yellow Opal and Jet. The perfect dress to get you noticed on the dancefloor!



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