swarovski couture at the goc

Author Victoria McGregor

13 Sep 2018

This August saw the prestigious WDSF German Open Championships take place in Stuttgart, sponsored by Swarovski®. Chrisanne Clover and Swarovski® have enjoyed a 25 year partnership, founded on a joint vision of creating mesmerising stage impact couture.



Each year Chrisanne Clover creates a magnificent show stopping couture for Swarovski®, displayed centre stage at the Swarovski® GOC stand.

 A theme, given to us by Swarovski® allows us to let our imaginations go wild - inspired by the crystal shades we are to implement into our designs.

 The designer of these incredible dresses was our ever talented Kushy Juttla. A fantastic fashion illustrator Kushy creates incredible couture designs taking inspiration from works of art, fashion trends and her love and passion for the far east.



‘The theme we were given was to really showcase the beauty of the neon and scarlet crystals. With that I just decided to go my own way with them and see where these beautiful crystal colours would take my imagination…

I decided to take the neon theme with a softer approach and create a luxurious fairy tale Ballroom gown. I wanted to show a strong contrast between the vivid neon blues and greens, against the softer shades of pinks and purples. This gives the dress a striking fashion edge and fresh look.’




This fairy tale couture features floaty, dreamlike shaped skirts layered with shaded georgette blueberry on white, and sugar pink on white; resting elegantly over sugar pink satin chiffon and organza underskirts. Feather fringe in colours white and lilac dream adorns the neckline and arms bringing to life this exquisite couture.



Beautifully ornate swirl crystallization decorates the garment in a rainbow of colours…

 Electric Blue, Electric Green, Erinite Shimmer, Province Lavender, Peridot, Light Sapphire Shimmer, Paradise Shine, Chrysolite, Tanzanite, Peridot Shimmer, Heliotrope, Crystal AB and Crystal.

 The bodice is embellished in lines of colour with crystals Electric Green and Electric Blue taking prominence, highlighted beautifully with AB and Purple shades. Crystals are used along the feather edge integrating the feathers into the dress perfectly. 




Crystal AB and Crystal enhance the nude stretch net, fading down into the sleeves and skirt. Skirt layers trimmed with Crystal and AB crystals creates more weight and definition. 

 The centre back features an exquisite jewel made with sew on shapes in Crystal AB with teardrops, circles, oval and almond shapes. Crystallized strings hang beautifully from the dress attached to the jewels decorating the deep open back.





‘I wanted to go quite dark and edgy with this design, where the Ballroom dress was soft and floaty I wanted this to be heavy and moody. The layers of shaded stretch net hang beautifully with the weight of the scarlet and jet stones and, to add extra drama, I added the feathers and headpiece.’


Featuring shaded stretch net red to black, each skirt layer is shaped beautifully with a scalloped edge, adorned with black father fringe and bead droppers bringing to life the neckline and layers of skirt.



Scarlet crystals decorate the bodice flowing through to the skirt, with highlights of Light Siam and Light Siam Shimmer enhancing the Scarlet crystals.

 Feather shapes crystallized along the bodice in Jet creates a beautiful shadow effect. These shapes follow through into the skirt creating a strong edge at the end of each tier, defining every scallop. Heavier embellishment defines the final tier weighting the skirt beautifully.



Complimented perfectly with a show stopping head piece crystallized in jet, bead droppers hang from the front and back creating fantastic movement.

 Every Couture dress made at Chrisanne Clover is crystallized using Crystals from Swarovski®. Celebrities and professionals alike have always valued a custom Swarovski® crystallized Chrisanne Clover couture.


Contact couture@chrisanne-clover.com for more information about getting your own custom dance dress. 





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