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Author Victoria McGregor

30 Nov 2020

this festive season with our striking collection of tanning products perfect gifts for the dancer in your life. We have everything covered for you to create the perfect tan. Spray Tan, Lotion Tan, Powder Tan ...whatever your preference we have the tanning product for you!

We are also thrilled to introduce our NEW Matas Spray, a fantastic alternative to the Matas Lotion...



Tan Matas Spray
What do our experts think?
'This spray is a fantastic water based tan that makes for an easy application with a gorgeous colour. It is great for building up your tan before a competition as a base coat which is good to start doing a few days before an event. If you desire a deeper shade on the day, top up with an instant tanning product such as the starlight tanning spray. 


How does the Matas Spray differ to the Matas Lotion?
'With its water base application it smoothes over the skin almost like an oil and spreads easily and dries really quickly! The Matas Lotion is a gradual cream that comes out white in order to help see the cream to smooth over the body evenly. The Matas Lotion is not as intense in colour as the Matas Spray and would recommend combining with the DHA Intensifier before a competition to build up a nice colour. Personally the Matas Spray is my new favourite tanning product and I recommend you try it for yourself!'


Whether it be a cream, liquid or spray you desire we have it covered with our collection of instant tans. Complete with the ever popular Starbody instant cream, Profi Brown Liquid, as well as the Sexy Tan and Starlight spray tans with a shimmer effect. These tans are intense in colour and will transform your colour to a gorgeous glow.  Perfect for the Latin shade of dark you need. This collection of instant tans will wash off after use.


Our collection of gradual tans comes in forms of creams, liquids and water spray that will give you the perfect base to start developing your desired shade. Recommended to apply on clean, exfoliated skin to start, build up your tan with daily applications a week before your competition to build up a gorgeous base colour. For a darker shade, intensify your bottles with our DHA powders. These tans absorb into your skin like a moisturiser and they won't wash off immediately. 




Intensify your gradual tans with our DHA intense powder. Available in 15g and 50g, the 15g can be poured into 1 bottle of gradual tan for a deep dark colour that you desire most. Perfect for a Latin tan that is out of this world.



For a gorgeous shimmer top coat the Aero Tan Shimmer Powder adds the perfect finishing touch. Why not apply with our NEW Cosmetic Tanning Brush for an easy application. 



Once your desired tan is complete and perfect ready on the big day, fix it in place with our Fixative spray. A pleasant, soft and washable clear spray that dries quickly, ideal to fix instant tan and body make up.



Let's not forget the ever popular Silhouette hairspray, a must have for every dancer to fix your amazing hair style in place.

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