the dressmaker behind the dress sukinah sahlan

Author Victoria McGregor

18 Sep 2019


One of the faces behind the scenes in our New 2019 Catalogue is the talented Sukinah SahlanSukinah has been a seamstress for Chrisanne Clover for over 12 years and has been a dress maker all her life … 


‘ I started dressmaking when I was 14 years old. It started off as a hobby of mine and was something I was really interested in. I learned how to make dresses in school back in Indonesia and has been such a huge part of my life ever since.’ 


As well as alteration projects Sukinah can make up to 2 dresses a week and 1 dress can take up to 20 to 30 hours to create … 


‘I just love making dresses and seeing the end result on the competition floor. The dancers really make these dresses come to life and I feel so proud to see a dress that I have created dazzle so beautifully on the dance floor.  


I love being involved with the fittings process and seeing the joy on customers faces when they have their finished couture. It brings me so much pleasure to see customers so happy and really becomes the highlight of my day that I have helped make someone’s dreams come true.’ 


Sukinah has seen many changes in dress styles over the years and even though she is a pro at what she does, dress making has certainly changed over the years and has become a lot more challenging, but it is a challenge she loves to take on. 


One of the many dresses Sukinah has made, designed for Olga Elsbury 


Sukinah has made over 1000 dance dresses over the years and has made beautiful dresses for our top Sponsored Gold dancers Natascha Karabey, Monica Nigro, Olga Elsbury and Emi Shintaro.  


Sukinah made the Buttercream dress for our newest sponsor Emi Toyama for the Blackpool Dance Festival 


Sukinah has a good eye and a skill of making every dance dress fit to dancers of all shapes and sizes … 


‘ I prepare myself with every new customer by keeping on file photos of their figures so I know how to make the dress fit by prepping a mannequin to the individuals shape in the photograph. As long as I have a photo of the customer, I can make the dress fit perfectly for them.’ 



Emi’s recent white and emerald dress was made by Sukinah 


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