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Author Victoria McGregor

05 Oct 2016

Well it is the end of our Internationals season and at Chrisanne Clover we would like to congratulate everyone who participated in the event and would like to say a huge congratulations to all of our Sponsored Couples for doing so well at the Internationals.

Please see below how our sponsors did ...


Amateur Ballroom

 1st place                Sara and Charles               ( Shan Jing and He Chong )                                          

Very exciting for our new Chrisanne Clover sponsored couple.  Her final dress was the beautiful white BDD908LL




                                                                   3rd place                    Kyle Taylor and Izabela Skierska                                                                      

Our new sponsored signing,  Izabela’s final dress was the stunning tropic lime BDD917LL



Our other amateur couple also did very well -  Jianan Peng and Jia Ci Zhong finishing in the semi finals .



Pro Ballroom

 3rd Place            Natascha Karabey and Domen Krapez        Wearing black and white for the final BDD706LL



4th Place        Monica Nigro and Valerio Colantoni        Stunning white and tan dress BDD909LL



 With our couples  Kristi and Warren Boyce, Anna Sazhina and Eldar Dzhafavor making the semi final


                                                               Kristi and Warren Boyce                            Anna Sazhina and Eldar Dzhafavor


and Olga and Mark Elsbury, Paulina Glazik and Maret Kosaty, Wei Ping Li and Cen Zheng and Evgeniya and Craig Shaw all making the quarter finals



                       Olga & Mark Elsbury                                            Paulina Glazik & Marek Kosaty                             Evgenia & Craig Shaw     


       Everyones dresses from all the rounds are available for purchase and all showing at the top of the new couture page on the website.



The Build Up to the Internationals 2016



With the Internationals building up the Chrisanne Clover Office is running riot with fabric orders and the making of couture dresses for  all our sponsored ladies. The Chrisanne Clover Boutique is hugely busy with dancers coming in before or after lessons picking up shoes, buying hairspray, tanning products and dancewear!! There is certainly a busy buzzing vibe all round the office at the moment.

So with this I thought I would ask our Head of Couture Sales Becky how it's all going behind the scenes in the Couture department ...



What is the atmosphere like in the office with the build up to the nationals?

It is so busy not only with sponsored couples and couture customers coming in for fittings and dress collections,  but generally an increase in customer traffic as more and more dancers are now in the area and often pop in to have a look at the dresses, pick up some dancewear, order shoes and get those last minute essential accessories for the competition.

For the staff it’s a very exciting time, with everyone really working together particularly in our production studio to make sure all the dresses are ready and just perfect for our dancers. 



How many sponsored dresses are the couture department working on for the nationals?

This year we have 12 couples dancing

1 in the Junior at Brentwood – dancing both Latin and Ballroom under 16’s

 3 in Amateur Ballroom  - 2 are for the first time outings in Chrisanne Clover HC Sponsored dresses

 8 in Professional Ballroom

 This means that we are making 20 dresses over all for our all girls!!



Any particular looks/trends we can expect to see on the dancefloor?

Slimmer shapes,  clean lines, extra emphasis on embellishments, different float styles, following a more contemporary look


What about colours?

Traditionally black and white are key and we have a mix of bold strong colours also


How are our sponsors feeling about the nationals?

 Excited and definitely ready after many months of focused training in preparation for this event.

They are excited to also be able to wear their new dress styles



Any particular favourite dresses/designs coming to life in the couture department?

We are very excited about all our new sponsored dresses, they all reflect the great personalities of our girls and really are individual and unique to each dancer.


How do the design team come up with dress ideas with our sponsors?

It’s a collaboration of ideas sent from the sponsored girl, interpreted with their designer and produced into their dream dresses


What do our sponsors love about this event?

It the ultimate in prestige – the Royal Albert is an iconic dancing venue and this will be it's 64th year running this competion. The Albert Hall is structurally awe inspiring and to be able to dance on the floor there is something that everyone aspires to



What do our Chrisanne Clover staff love about this event?

Being part of the beautiful dresses that are showcased on the floor – having our brand represented by the best dancers in the world

Knowing that they have contributed to dresses that are being seen by the highest dignitaries in the ballroom dancing, as well as a packed audience from all round the world.



The Albert Hall is a prestigious venue do the dresses designed for this event  differ to other competition events?

The dresses designed are full of glamour and appropriateness for the occasion.  They need to stand out not only for the adjudicators around the edge of the dancefloor, but also stand out and wow the people who are sitting right at the very top of the Royal Albert Hall.  

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