the lbd collection 2016

Author Victoria mcGregor

30 Sep 2016

With our brand new LBD collection just launched this week September 2016 Chrisanne Clover did a photoshoot of ‘The Little Black Dress’  in August, and I wanted to find out what the theme of the photoshoot was about and a little bit more about what the collection has to offer…


How did the photoshoot go? Extremely well. All the pieces looked amazing!


Where was the locationSeven sisters, a new location for us.



What was the inspiration behind the locationWe wanted something urban and rustic as an opposite to the sleek and beautiful dresses.


What was your most memorable moment from the shoot? Making the model stand on some ladders to try and get a shot lol!



How did you decide on the final key pieces to the collection? This is a long process. We like to make sure that all the pieces work together in the range and that each has something different to offer. We want to make sure there is something for everyone.


What should we expect from the collection? A stunning mix of Ballroom and Latin dresses with extra special details!



How does this collection differ to last years? Frills, frills, frills! This is a huge trend right now and looks extremely elegant!


What is your favourite piece? The Opal Dress! The front and back draping moves effortlessly and reveals the gorgeous stretch lace underneath.



What will customers love about the collection? These are not your average practice dresses. They are designed to be dresses that are perfect for practicing in and glamorous enough to also be worn to events.


You can purchase this collection online now and also purchase the collection at our Boutique store in Cheam!



An exciting launch Party of the LBD Collection will take place at the Chrisanne Clover Boutique store in Cheam next to Dance Options on the 5th October!!


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