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29 Jul 2019

8th July 2019 and Magic is here ! 



From Chrisanne Clover a package arrived today. 

Hoping the box is dry with a safe place to stay. 

Coming all the way from London for me, 

Anxious to bring it home to open and see. 

A ball gown for dancing around, 

Feeling the music and the dress flowing to sound. 

It’s red with designer crystals you know, 

Just need to step out and swirl to steal the show! 

This one will always hold my joy and my heart, 

As many people I met in Blackpool all had a part. 

I will travel to see them again, 

And that includes Tobi, my little furry friend. 



‘At the Blackpool Dance Festival 2019 I contacted an international designer to have a ballgown made. In Blackpool I met with her twice, yet God used unexpected circumstances to send me just down the hall to the Chrisanne Clover showroom. Walking into an enchanting world of color, crystals, and couture, I began to meet the staff as I wandered through their floor display of dresses. I commenced to interact with (initially unaware) the directors of Couture and Marketing as well as sales associates, designers, and their onsite seamstress. All my questions and comments were welcomed with interest. 

“Listening” was their key. I remember their faces; they made suggestions while eagerly awaiting my response. TOGETHER we worked through to a design that included style, fabric and stoning. With great anticipation, me in the United States – the design team in London, creation of the ballgown commenced. We do not live in a perfect world, and after meeting a few challenges the gown was completed. Here you see Chrisanne-Clover’s presentation and a very delighted customer! 

I wish to express my gratitude again to those I met in Blackpool. Special thanks are included to the unseen but faithful ones who constructed and stoned the dress, handled customs, packaging and shipping. Already I have eagerly started budgeting for my second dress and creating some new designs… With the combination of professional skill and style, patience and persistence, amazing things happen! 


Martha Harper



Sheila Morris, Gypsia Morris: Set Design, Photography, Hair Styling and Make-up.


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