the nv ball 2018

Author Victoria McGregor

23 Aug 2018

4 Legends. 4 Nights. Las Vegas.

August 15th-18th2018

With a week of elegance and the highest calibre of dancing,
The NV Ball resurrects the dancing’s golden age to the electrifying Las Vegas strip.


CHRISANNE CLOVER were very proud to be sponsoring this exciting event with us sponsoring the Amateur Latin, Amateur Ballroom and Top Student Pro AM prizes.

 Our beloved Ronnie Li went to this event to award the prize giving’s and was well looked after by the ever-famous organisers Hans Galke, Carmen and Brian Watson.



‘We were absolutely thrilled and so excited that Ronnie Li was present at the NV Ball.  It was a fantastic collaboration and are so very thankful to CHRISANNE CLOVER for their generous sponsorship.’ Carmen


 Ronnie how was your experience?

 Wow it was so much fun!  The characters of the organisers: Carmen, Bryan and Hans brought so much fun to the event! The competitor attendance was really very good; especially in the Latin categories. Also it was my first time in Vegas so I really enjoyed every moment being in this fantastic city :)



What did you enjoy most about the event?

 It has a great fun factor to the competitive scene.  Everyone was truly having a fantastic time whilst throwing themselves fully into the competitions. The organisers were fantastic and really took extra care of me and CHRISANNE CLOVER, as I suppose it is a long way from home for us to be in Vegas!  I felt very welcome by the team :)  

There was an increasing number of Asian dancers participating at this event which was amazing to see and brought a lot more spice and excitement to the dance floor!



Will we continue to sponsor future events at The NV Ball?

We will definitely consider that. The costume designers showcasing at the event were all of our component customers and it was so nice to meet them all face to face, it was a very comforting and satisfactory experience being present with all of these wonderful customers on the other side the world :) 


 Visit The NV Ball website HERE


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