the pleating trend

Author Victoria McGregor

12 Mar 2019


Hot off the Spring Summer 19 catwalk, pleating is a Key trend for the season. From Issey Miayake to Christian Dior and Givenchy, pleating is everywhere...



Pleated velvet gloss. Shop Velvet Gloss HERE >

‘Pleating is so on trend right now! And it is not just on the high street but also popular on the dance floor. Georgette and Satin Chiffon are very popular fabrics to be pleated. My customers they are ordering it weekly, specially in Lithuania. Pleating in Velvet Gloss is also a massive trend in Russia. I just love the feminine finish it creates’

Samira Huseynova, Business Development Manager

Organza pleating flat pleat. Shop organza HERE >

‘Sunray pleating on our skirt fabrics look so beautiful. Organza looks so luxurious pleated and creates that extra depth and bounce. Trending on the dancefloor this year will be animal prints, strap detailing and pleating, so expect to see more of it swooping across the floor this year! Pleating creates that extra special level to your couture. Personally, for me a top-level look is shading as it’s so luxurious, but then pleated shading just makes a dress that much more impressive and definitely 2nd level!’


Emily Daniels, Research & Development


So what is pleating?

Pleating is the art of folding fabric in to different shapes creating differences in volume and texture.


Sunray pleated satin chiffon. Shop our satin chiffon collection HERE >


How is pleating made?

To pleat fabric there needs to be a pattern or mould. Patterns are made up of two pieces of card that are folded identically so that they can fit together.

To pleat the fabric the two pieces of card need to be separated and flattened on a table. Fabric is then placed on top of one card and then covered with the other, so it is sandwiched between the two patterns.

The pattern is then folded into shape and rolled up tight. It is then placed into a steam cabinet to heat set the fabric into the required shape.

After the pattern has cooled down the fabric can be removed and will maintain the shape of the pattern used to pleat.

Our special service pleating is done by professionals of-site and can take 1-2 weeks. Click here to see the details of how to order.

Watch how pleating is creating here ...



What is Sunray Pleating?

The sunray pleat is a graduated accordion pleat that is pleated in a semi-circle. The pleat starts off very small at the hip and gets bigger closer to the hem. The sunray pleating is perfect for godets in Ballroom and Smooth skirts and fantastic for floats. It is also great for Latin show dresses attached to a leotard.


Sunray pleated georgette. Shop georgette HERE >


Wow I love it! How do I order?

Pick the fabric, colour and size you want to get pleated...

Sunray half circle pleating sizes and pricing per piece

GEORGETTE > £25.35 £35.45 £38.95
LUXURY GEORGETTE > £30.85 £40.95 £44.20
SATIN CHIFFON > £34.85 £48.90 £57.95
SATIN GEORGETTE > £31.85 £41.95 £45.20
SATIN > £40.60 £53.70 £72.45
ORGANZA > £26.85 £37.70 £42.45


If you order 10 half circles or more of the same length and colour you will receive a 10% discount.

It takes approximately 1-2 weeks for the fabric to be pleated.

Contact our sales team with your order today Email:

Telephone: 020 8640 5921

For more information on pricing of other fabrics please contact our sales team who will be able to advise.



Kushy, our couture designer is a huge fan of pleating...

‘I love pleating it creates a beautiful, elegant feature with minimal effort – the sunray effect on floats is particularly beautiful and the movement of the pleated skirt and sleeves looks stunning on the dancefloor.

We tend to use sunray pleating mostly but occasionally a customer or sponsored dancer will ask for a crushed look. This has been very popular with Natascha’s style...



We use pleating for the skirts mainly on Ballroom dresses, but we also use them for Latin and Smooth too.

My favourite dresses I have designed recently using pleating are the following…’



This striking Sugar Pink Ballroom features 8 100cm half circles of sunray pleating on georgette for the godets and floats.


This beautiful Buttercream Ballroom dress features 3 100cm ½ circle sunray pleating in satin chiffon, used for a centre back feature godet and floats floating from centre back to wrists.


This dazzling Bluebell Ballroom dress features 4 white 100 cm ½ circle godets in organza creating fantastic volume. The pleated organza is used as feature godets for the center front and center back, with beautiful pleated frills on the shoulders, and organza floats floating from stretch net gloves.



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