uk closed summer dance festival 2019

Author Victoria McGregor

30 Jul 2019

This July saw the prestigious UK Closed competition take place in Bournemouth with fantastic results from our Sponsored Gold and Sponsored UK dancers …




1st place Mark and Olga Elsbury



2nd place

Jack and Nataliia Beale


UK Closed 2019! Beautiful people and atmosphere!THANK YOU everybody for support !!!! Well done to the DPA organisers !👏👏👏👏👏👏



5th place Alex Sindila & Jade Main


Wow!!! what a feeling,,,,,, competing on the floor after having our little man. Such an amazing feeling having him there in the audience. 

Thankful to Alexander Shindila
 my husband and the best dance partner I could ever ask for, for making this all possible. 
Thank you to our sponsors 
for your continued support through our short break of recovery, we are so happy to be back. And of course to our coachs, friends and family for your guidance and love. 


  6th place Ben Taylor & Stefanie Bossen




1st place Kyle Taylor and Isabella Skierska 


5th place Michael & Nika Foskett


Watch their finale clip here >


Andrei Toader and Mia Linnik-Holden 1st Place


UK U21 Ballroom Champions 2019! So honoured to have achieved this title so early on in our youth career. We feel this is a testament, not only to us but to the hard work of our amazing team – our coaches, sponsors, families, our dance friends – may who stayed late to sypport us and the wonderful audience. We felt so supported last night by our team and thoroughly enjoyed dancing at this wonderful event. Thank ou to the DPA – we always enjoy the competition and this was super special for us. Finally thanyou  to my Andrei … still count my blessing every day you made the choice to come to the UK for me … thank you and love you always





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