wdsf world championships china

Author Victoria McGregor

25 Sep 2017

Early September saw a prestigious event take place of the WDSF World Championship Standard Adult in Chengdu China. Our fabulous sponsored couples Alona & Anton, and Signe and Dimitri competed wearing our beautiful couture dresses.


Alona and Anton danced beautifully finishing 7th in the quarter finals. Alona had a stunning new dress in Midnight Sky



Featuring a stretch net top and sleeves, with stretch net over lycra bodice and stretch net over nude lycra side panels. Goose and Antenna feathers blush out over the sweetheart bustline and adorned beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI in Light Sapphire Shimmer, Cobalt Shimmer, Cobalt and Bermuda Blue. Our NEW Coque Feather trims this stunning skirt giving beautiful texture and depth. Godets layered with georgette over satin chiffon, over organza hemmed in crinoline with a wire hem finish creating magnificent volume and movement. Finished perfectly with ribbon floats floating down from each wrist trimmed with feather completing the look.


‘I loved wearing this dress I was so excited to be able to wear this definitely my new favourite couture from Chrisanne Clover. This dress oozes such class and elegance with the feathers accentuating the flow of our dances.


This competition is so important to us as we were one of only 2 couples representing Germany, and to dance for our country at this event makes us feel so proud to be a part of it. We love dancing here so much as we have so many wonderful memories especially when we won the World Championships in Showdance last year. This was truly a magical and momentous time for us.’

Alona Uehlin


Signe and Dimitri danced wonderfully reaching 18th place. Signe wore a beautiful Pink Fizz and Orange Ballroom dress…





A striking Pink Fizz and Orange Ballroom dress featuring pink fizz stretch net over orange lycra adorned with bugle bead droppers in sun, light rose, peach ab and electric pink. Godets layered in pink fizz georgette over orange satin chiffon, with tutti frutti organza underskirts. Embellished in Crystals from Swarovski in Fire Opal, Tangerine Shimmer, Topaz AB, Rose, Fuchsia and Tangerine. Finished perfectly with embellished wristbands with spiral frill floats attached in pink fizz satin chiffon and georgette.


‘I love my Ballroom dress it is so classy and makes me feel really special. The bead droppers are a beautiful touch creating added shine and movement. The colour combination of the pink and orange is so striking and radiates a luminosity on the dance floor.


This competition means a lot to us as it is one of the biggest competitions of the year and we spend a lot of time preparing for this event. The audience at this event are always so warm and it is such a pleasure to compete against the best couples representing their countries. We are so proud to represent Denmark.’

Signe Busk


These amazing dancers have a very hectic schedule with travelling around the world competing in about 3 competitions every month. A huge congratulations to our dancers for dancing so well.

To find out more about our sponsored couples read HERE:

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