what is on our sponsored christmas list to santa

Author Victoria McGregor

05 Dec 2018

It’s that festive time of year where we are all counting down the days to Christmas and manically buying presents for all the gorgeous people in our lives! Talking to our sponsored dancers here is what they would really like for Christmas this year that doesn’t necessarily have to be all wrapped up …  


‘What I would really like for Christmas is to see my friends and family and spend some much needed quality time with them as we have not seen them for so long! I cannot wait :)’


Nataliia Siianko

‘All I want for Christmas is for our baby boy to be born in good health and to be back on the dance floor dancing the British Open 2019 in the beautiful Wintergardens in Blackpool :)’


Jade Main

‘I would love to have a magic potion! A magic potion that solves everything from travelling around the world competing at a click of the finger, to spending extra quality time at home with my little girl. Also for the UK Open not to be so soon after Christmas ;)’


Evgeniya Shaw

‘mmm what a question… I guess firstly as a dancer it would be to have the health and vitality needed to dance and practice with plenty of energy and fitness… and then of course a BIG box of chocolates would always be appreciated haha!’


Anna Mashchyts

‘If I wasn’t sponsored I would love dancewear! A dancer can never have enough dancewear! But as I am so lucky my favourite perfume Light Blue from Dolce and Gabbana! You cannot go wrong with jewellery I think every girl loves a piece of jewellery at Christmas! I love delicate gold pieces, they are timeless, elegant and such a personal touch to your style.’


Alona Uehlin

‘I love love love bags! I cannot live without a bag and a woman can never have enough bags! A bag for every occasion and that goes with every outfit! I think any woman who gets a handbag at Christmas would be happy! I would absolutely love a handbag from my favourite designer Gucci ;)’


Sara Shan



What would you like for Christmas?


Here are a few ideas to fill your fishnet dance stockings this season …



The perfect stocking filler from our fabulous range of Practice and Competition tights in Ballroom and Latin fishnet varieties.



 When it's cold outside make sure you're all aglow. Beat the January pre-comp rush and fill up your stockings with our bestselling tanning products and hairspray.  Our much sought after sellers Starbody, Matas and DHA are at the top of people's lists this year! Lets not forget our Silhouette Hairspray loved by everyone including myself - the best fix to hold your style! These products are guaranteed to earn you brownie points this season ;)



 Why not treat your favourite dancing couple to matching his and hers tracksuits, slippers, towels and bags - the perfect gift for Christmas.




The perfect stocking filler for all dancer's and a fantastic treat to crystallize your nails this party season!


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