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What is your dancing and personal history?

Kyle is from Liverpool, England, and is currently 25 years of age. Kyle began his dancing career at the age of 4, and competed on the open circuit at the age of 7 for the first time. Kyle is, at present, one of the most decorated and accomplished Ballroom and Latin American competitors in British history, and has broken several records to date.

These include:- • 18x United Kingdom ‘National’ Champion. • 4x United Kingdom ‘Open to the World’ Champion. • 7x International Champion. • 11x British ‘National’ Champion. • 8x British ‘Open’ Champion. • World 10 Dance Champion 2013 (combined ballroom and latin competition). • Youngest ever Junior British Champion. • Youngest couple to become British Amateur Ballroom champions in history. • Representative for England in 17 World Championships. • Recipient of ‘La Classsique de Danse’ award (equivalent to a Grammy or BAFTA) in 2011, for achievement in dance. • Nominated for a 2011 and 2015 Carl Alan award (equivalent to Oscar) for achievement in dance.

Izabela is from Warsaw, Poland, and is 22 years of age. Izabela took up Ballroom and Latin American at the age of 11 and progressed quickly. Her results and achievements can be seen below to include:- • Polish Open Champion 2008. • 4x Bronze Medallist in Polish National Championships. • 8x Polish Championship finalist. • 16x Polish Grand Prix finalist, including 5x Gold Medallist. • Finalist of European Championships 2013. • Semi-finalist at World Championships 2013. • 3x United Kingdom Champion. • 2x British National Champion.




Kyle and Izabela teamed up in August 2014 and have enjoyed instant success, representing England. They became England’s top couple in Ballroom within a matter of 2 months, and went on to win many International and National Championships,

which include:- • 2014 & 2015 British National Champions. • 2014 Bronze Medallists at the World 10 Dance Championships (Venice). • 2015 Silver Medallists at the World 10 Dance Championships (Moscow). • 2015 French Open Champions (Paris). • 2015 & 2016 Asian Open Champions (Tokyo). • 4th position in 2015 European Championships. • Bronze medallists in 2016 European Championships. • Winners of the British National League table for 2014/2015 season. • 3x United Kingdom Champions.

  • In May, 2015 they became the first English couple in 9 years to make the final round (top 6) in the British Open Amateur Ballroom Championships. • 5th Place in 2015 World Amateur Ballroom Championships (Paris). • 5th Place in 2015 International Amateur Ballroom Championships (Royal Albert Hall). • 4th Place in 2016 British Open Amateur Ballroom Championships (Blackpool). • Current world ranking of 3 in Amateur Ballroom.



What is your favourite dance?

Kyle: Tango

Izabela: Foxtrot


What is your favourite competition?

British nationals and the International Royal Albert Hall.




What is your proudest dancing moment?

It would have to be our first British Open final without a doubt in 2015. It was our big breakthrough and definitely the most exhilarating moment together.


Why are you proud to be CC Sponsors?

Chrisanne Clover are known as the world leaders in dress design and for us to be a part of that is a huge honour in itself.  We feel so privileged to be now sponsored by the same company who have historically and currently do sponsor the very best couples in the World.  So it definitely gives us a boost always knowing we are supported by the very best.



What are your favourite CC Colours?

From the Chrisanne Clover colour range my favourite is either Purple Rain or Sassy Yellow!! (Kyle)  And my favourites would definitely have to be Pink Fizz and Cobalt blue (Izabela).

What colours are you attracted to? What do you feel suits your skin tone and looks good on you on the dancefloor?

I (Kyle) am always a fan of Black dresses!!! But I also love Purples, Oranges and Yellows! And I (Izabela) am always very attracted to Blue shades, and black dresses too!

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