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Watch Marek and Paulina dance HERE


Where did you grow up? When did you start dancing? How
long have you been partners for?
Marek: I grew up in the small city in the north part of Poland and I started dancing when I
was 11. We have been dancing together since November 2004.
Paulina: I grew up in Bydgoszcz in Poland. This is the city where we have our dance
club called Polski Taniec. I started dancing when i was 9 years old.


What are your highest achievements in Dance?
Marek & Paulina :
2006 - Under 21 Blackpool winners.
2010-2011 - IDSF World and European finalist.
2012-2014 - WDC Amateur World Champions.
2013-2014 - Amateur winners of UK open Championships, Blackpool Dance Festival,
2015 - Winners of professional rising stars Blackpool, 4th place Professional European
2016 - Professional Blackpool semifinal




What is Your favourite Dance?
Marek and Paulina: Difficult question! We think it depends on the day and how we feel ;)


What is your favourite Competition?
Marek and Paulina: We used to love Stuttgart. At the time it was when we still danced as
IDSF but now, we also love Blackpool.



What is your proudest dancing moment?
Marek: Our first final of the European Championships in Moscow.
Paulina: Big surprise by being placed 1st at Blackpool Under 21. It was our first time in the UK.



Why are you proud to be Chrisanne Clover sponsors?
Marek and Paulina: To be sponsored by Chrisanne Clover is a dream come true. There is such a
history behind the company and Chrisanne Clover have sponsored some of the best couples all over the world. This was made possible for us because of Roberto and Morena who had such belief in our future achievements and that we would be good representatives of such an esteemed company.
To us Chrisanne Clover are the best couture dancewear company in the world.



What is your most favourite coloured dress you have worn?
Paulina: black and cappuccino dress which I wore in the European Championships in Poland in 2011 where we achieved 5th place.



What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover fabric?
Paulina: I love the bead droppers which I use on my Ballroom dresses all the time. They catch the light beautifully and Chrisanne Clover have such a wide range of colours. 
I also love Chrisanne Clover's range of feathers which I love featuring on my dresses. They makes me look so elegant and light on the dance floor.


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