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Единица измерения: m

CHRISANNE CLOVER are proud to introduce TACTEL® CHRISANNE CLOVER Stretch Fringe. This is a new technological development in fringe bringing you a superior quality product. CHRISANNE CLOVER Stretch fringe has a great stretch, is double looped for extra fullness and offers more fringe per metre. It is a superior quality, specially designed and produced to avoid fraying when cut. All Fringes are dyed to match our exclusive CHRISANNE CLOVER colours. 95% Tactel 5 % Rubber COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: GB

  • Ширина (см): 15

The core products in our range are now covered by our new CHRISANNE CLOVER Promise and will always be in stock for you to buy. This Promise applies to all products identified by the stamp throughout our extensive website.

If the product you have chosen is not available the Promise below will come into effect immediately.  
1.  Wait for your chosen product and get 50% discount
2.  Choose an alternative product in the same group and get 50% discount
3.  Choose an alternative stamped product and get 50% discount

Terms and Conditions
1. The CHRISANNE CLOVER Promise is discounted from the retail price.
2. The discount only applies to your first order of a stamped product.
3. The Promise applies to the original order quantity only up to a maximum of 50 metres or pieces.
4. We reserve the right to temporarily withdraw a product from the Promise due to reasons outside our control; if products delivered to us do not meet our high standards or are unavailable for delivery.
5. The Promise no longer applies if a product becomes discontinued.

The current CHRISANNE CLOVER Essentials Promise no longer applies – August 2017

Chrisanne Clover fabrics are delicate and should be treated as such – specialist clean only

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