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Chrisanne Clover is widely regarded as the go-to brand for Ballroom dance couture and fabrics. We are a company founded on the idea to provide dancers with everything they would need to make the perfect garment; a garment which combines the comfort and durability of sportswear with the glamour and excitement of high fashion.    

30 years on Chrisanne Clover is the number 1 global brand that provides Fabrics, Accessories, Crystal, Dancewear and Couture to not only dancers, but also to performers, designers and the fashion scene in more than 50 countries.


Black Couture Dress


The heartbeat of CHRISANNE CLOVER where only excellence will do   


A Chrisanne Clover dress has always been, and continues to be, the epitome of elegance. Handcrafted in our London studio using only the highest quality Swarovski® crystals and Chrisanne Clover fabrics, each dress is uniquely beautiful and utterly luxurious.


Over the years we have dressed an incredible amount of talented sponsored dancers and champions, iconic ladies such as Loraine Barry, Joanne Bolton, Morena Colagrecco, Monica Nigro up to the magnificent present day with Natascha Karabey, the current World Professional Ballroom Champion.

 Each couture piece is individually designed and made by our talented team of professionals including designers, pattern cutters, dress makers and embellishers. Each bespoke couture Ballroom dress contains around 40m of fabric, over 10,000 fine cut crystals from Swarovski, combined with hours of hard work that makes each couture garment unique and one of a kind.  


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Colour range for fabric   


Designed & produced for the world’s leading designers and dressmakers


Born from the frustration of sourcing fabrics to make dance dresses and the demand of the market in the dance world, we make shopping for your couture that much easier by creating colour matching fabric collections in stretch and non stretch fabrics, in a vast variety of exciting colours; everything you need to make a Ballroom dress and more.


With over 40 colours in the CHRISANNE CLOVER colour range, all fabrics have been dyed and colour matched across the entire range of products. Each fabric is quality tested, analysed and lab dipped to ensure the perfect colour match, enabling you to mix and match our entire range to create the perfect design.


Chrisanne Clover Sample Book


Your Partner in Design


Our striking Chrisanne Clover Sample Book gives you the best access to touch and feel the quality of our essential stretch and non-stretch fabric range, giving you the full visual of the truly dazzling colours available in each product collection. It is without a doubt your must have partner that will take your design process and consultations to another level, making it that much more exciting and user friendly.


Black couture outfits


Dance in style, practice in luxury and be the best you can be …


Practice makes perfect and with each coming year we have been continuously perfecting our dancewear collections to bring you the best in comfort and luxury. Each dancewear collection is designed in the our London head quarters using only the best Chrisanne Clover fabrics including Stretch Crepe and Stretch Net. We strive to produce garments that move with the body making you look and feel high class, whilst performing to your maximum potential.


Our collections include the Chrisanne Clover Dancewear and Menswear range for the ultimate dancers wardrobe, mix and match easily with the versatile array of products suitable for everyday practice. Or choose a more luxurious attire, with our ‘LBD’ Little Black Dress Starlight collection designed for style both on and off the dancefloor.


Dancing is about great teamwork and strong partnerships, and over the years we have enjoyed dancewear collaborations from the industry experts including Karen Hardy, Morena, Vesa, Tania Kehlet, and Espen Salberg. For 2021-22 we are thrilled to collaborate with the world renowned Latin Champions Bryan Watson and Carmen. A collection of Mens Latin Tops and Womens Latin wear that you can wear and style up beyond the dancefloor. These collections perfectly capture their effervescent personalities and is a style every dancer will want in their wardrobe.


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Renowned for his effervescent personality and entrepreneurial passion, Ronnie Li  is one of the best-loved names in the world of Ballroom dancing and acquired Chrisanne Clover in 2015.  But you won’t see his dazzling smile on the dance floor. Sure, at one time he had a go at competing, but he figured that his skills were better deployed in generating ideas and making things happen. Nowadays, based squarely on the business side of the footlights, he’s best known as Managing Director of Chrisanne Clover.


Introduced to the world of dance in China by his uncle, China’s ballroom star Philip Li, Ronnie grew up in Shanghai. Captivated by the ambition, drive and glamour of the dancing world Ronnie decided to take a bold step and move to London in 1995, the dance capital of the world, where he developed his business management skills at the dancewear company, Choice London.


Ronnie instantly fell in love with the dance business ‘I got myself more and more into it, my involvement was not just to make money but to make friends and make it enjoyable for myself. I am a very open person and I love to meet people from all over the world. I used to like seeing my friends and then they would give me orders and it combined the two beautifully.’  


Ronnie Li’s first solo venture, Crystal Clover, had humble beginnings at a flat in Norbury, on the outskirts of London, but quickly spilled over into a shop nearby. In 2008, Crystal Clover Japan was born. By 2015, Ronnie Li had acquired Chrisanne, one of the best-known brands in the world of Ballroom dance; the two businesses merged to form Chrisanne Clover, a sparkling union that brought together innovation, knowledge, and heritage. In June the following year, the first Chrisanne Clover flagship store opened its doors in Shanghai.


Ronnie had known Chrisanne for many years. Although the two companies were competing in the same market Ronnie kept good relations with the Chrisanne team and prior to the merger the two businesses had in fact started to successfully work together on several projects. In 2015 the time was right for all parties, it was a textbook merger combining the strengths of two leading players in the industry and catapulting Ronnie into a number 1 position miles ahead of any other competitor.


Born from the frustration of sourcing fabrics to make dance dresses and the demand of the market, Chrisanne was born in 1986, set up by dancers Peter & Christina Dobner, and Hans & Anne Laxholm. Their combined knowledge and expertise became the early foundation of Chrisanne, and the basis for a corporate culture which focuses on dancers needs.  


‘When we first started out the dance dresses had just changed from tutu dresses to long and flowing dresses and nobody knew how to make that look, or where to source the fabric. This is where we stepped in...’ Peter 


A similar start as Crystal Clover, Chrisanne started in a 1 bedroom flat in Norbury but then grew rapidly to a head office and warehouse employing over 65 people and supplying dancing goods to more than 50 countries worldwide. This earned the business a place in the league of The Independents Top 100 companies in 1993 and 1995 as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK.  




‘We have a great team at Chrisanne Clover, I am lucky enough to have very loyal people who have been working with myself and Peter, supporting us and the company for many years. Now I have a bigger platform to make and meet more friends. The excitement of being able to talk to people thousands of miles away to not only get an order, but to also make a friend is a huge achievement for me. I am very lucky.’  Ronnie


Ronnie Li lives by the mantra “Do what you love and then throw yourself into it fully, never stop improving yourself and the business, never be satisfied with being second best and – above all – make sure you have fun on the way!” And if the pandemic has anything to go by, now more than ever it is important to love what you do and surround yourself with positivity.



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