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The Stretch Satin Effect


Be Inspired with our pretty electric pink Ballroom dress that features our NEW Stretch Satin creating a 7 panel dress that embodies a beautiful lustrous shine...



8.5m of stretch satin has been used to create this shaped empire styleline gown that is attached under the stretch net bustline. Stretch satin flows beautifully down the dress into flared skirt panels that are hemmed with 77mm crinoline; resting over electric pink organza underskirts.
This couture is beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals in a vine shaped effect snaking down the dress in colours crystal, crystal AB, light rose, rose, fuchsia, fuchsia shimmer and ruby.
A pair of large off the shoulder georgette floats is trimmed with ostrich feather fringe and crinoline for a dramatic effect, accessorized with a crystallized necklace that falls elegantly down the centre back, completing the look.



Stretch Satin is available in the following colours…


For more information about the couture dress featured, or to have a dress made inspired by the fabric or design - contact our couture sales team who can help make your dream dress a reality [email protected]

Aery Jo Make-Up





We are thrilled to be stocking the ever-popular Aery Jo tanning make-up range in the lotion and powder that gives you a sensational shiny look under the stage light.










This Latin dance tanning essential has beautiful diamond pearl pigments that gives you sensational shiny look under the stage light.


Color Options


No. 1: Maroon Biennale – A golden brown color, with hints of maroon, and diamond pink pearl, creating a gorgeous skin tone.


No. 2: Topaz Samba – This heightened brown tone with diamond gold pearl goes a shade darker than #1 and adds an outstanding, sexy sheen to your to your skin.


No. 3: Garnet Stone – A deep brown tan with diamond gold pearl for a brilliant yet natural glow.


No. 5: Brown Stone – This alluring brown hue creates the same beautiful finish as #3 but without the added diamond glitter.








Aery Jo tanning powder enhances and lends a three-dimensional look to your tan by using a blend of coloured pearl powder. The pearl powder boosts the natural radiance of the skin while evening out complexion, while adding a beautiful lustre. Apply this lightweight, silky powder evenly on the skin to achieve a deep Hawaiian tan with a smooth, shimmery and natural looking finish. Perfect to use on top of the Aery Jo tanning liquid makeup for a beautiful finish.


#1 Hawaiian Tan - Glowing, Healthy, and Powerful colour


2 Bronzing Tan - Glowing, Smooth and Gorgeous colour











Clearance Colours 2024


Champagne, Aqua and Electric Blue have become part of our Clearance Colour Collections with products reduced in price and only available whilst stocks last!

Shop online now before it's too late because once these fabrics are gone you will soon regret it!





NEW Shaded Satin Chiffon Collection

We are thrilled to introduce you to our NEW shaded satin chiffon collection that beautifully shades from colour to colour and is available in 7 dazzling colour options …



This dazzling cappuccino shaded Ballroom dress features our NEW shading colour Red to Sunflower Satin Chiffon using around 24 metres. A cappuccino bodice is beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals including colours crystal, jonquil AB, light topaz, orange glow delite and light siam. Shaded satin chiffon godets hemmed with crinoline rests over red organza underskirts. Accessorized with floats floating from each arm attached to crystalized strings completing the look.





Feathers in Fashion

Feathers have long been featured in dance and performance – but have you ever thought about the fashion statement of adding feathers to your latest day and evening wear? Whether you’re heading to a special event, or attending a glamorous gala, feathers are a must-have for your wardrobe.



Our luxurious Chrisanne Clover feather collections have been perfectly curated by a team of expert craftsman in South Africa. Every individual feather colour is dyed to match our vibrant fabric colour collections, with over 40 colours to choose from in total. That way you can design a whole look with perfectly co-ordinating fabrics and trimmings. Many of our satin chiffons, georgettes, crepes and laces can create stunning evening and bridal styles, simply browse our collections to get inspired!


Available as part of Feather fringing or 6 ply feather boas, our high-quality feathers are available to purchase in a rainbow of colours.



Feathers on the catwalk

The 2024 designer catwalks showcased ostrich feather trim prominently in multiple collections. Whether you’re looking to mimic one of your favourite designers by customising an old favourite from your wardrobe, or a budding designer looking for a reliable supplier of quality feather trim for your collection, Chrisanne Clover is well placed to meet your needs, with an online shop for individual orders and the ability to open trade accounts for designers.


The Timeless Elegance of Ostrich Feathers in High Fashion

Ostrich feathers have long been a symbol of luxury and sophistication in the world of high fashion. These feathers, renowned for their delicate texture and dramatic flair, have adorned some of the most iconic garments and accessories, adding a touch of opulence and elegance to fashion collections across the globe. Why not join the glamour gang and create your own wardrobe moment to go down in history?


Unique Qualities of Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feathers are uniquely soft, voluminous, and lightweight, making them ideal for creating movement and adding a dynamic element to fashion pieces. Their natural curvature and silky texture provide a visually captivating effect, whether used as subtle accents or bold, extravagant statements.


A bit of history

The use of ostrich feathers in fashion dates back to ancient civilizations, where they were a symbol of wealth and status. In the early 20th century, feathers became a staple in the glamorous wardrobes of Hollywood starlets and flappers, epitomizing the glitz and allure of the Jazz Age. Today, these feathers continue to evoke a sense of timeless elegance, seamlessly blending the vintage charm with modern aesthetics.



Other areas of fashion where ostrich feathers add a touch of class and difference to designs

Bridal Fashion: Ostrich feathers are a popular choice for bridal wear, offering a romantic and ethereal touch to wedding gowns and veils. The lightness and fluidity of the feathers create a dreamy, fairy-tale effect perfect for a bride’s special day.

Top tip: Instead of using full boas, think about using individually placed strands to create a subtle affect with beading and tulle


Accessories: Beyond garments, ostrich feathers are used to craft luxurious accessories, including hats, clutches, and shoes. These accessories often serve as statement pieces, adding a unique and sophisticated flair to any outfit. This is probably the easiest way to customise existing items.


Red Carpet and Event Wear: Celebrities and fashion icons frequently choose outfits adorned with ostrich feathers for red carpet events and galas. The dramatic and glamorous appeal of the feathers makes them a go-to choice for those looking to make a memorable impression.



Time to get feather-fabulous!

Ostrich feathers continue to be a beloved element in high fashion, embodying a blend of historical opulence and modern innovation. Their unique properties and timeless appeal make them a versatile and cherished material for designers, ensuring that ostrich feathers will remain a staple in the world of haute couture for years to come.


Why not contact our lovely sales team who can talk to you about a range in more detail?

Anna Zhou in Blackpool


Our new Sponsored Gold dancer Anna Zhou graced the dancefloor at the Blackpool Dance Festival looking stunning in her Chrisanne Clover Sugar Pink shaded Ballroom dress embellished with Swarovski® crystals; Reviving her partnership with Eric Li Cheng with fantastic results!

6th Waltz

6th Foxtrot

7th Quickstep

9th Tango

9th Viennese Waltz



Anna is was lovely to see you back on the dancefloor with Eric – how long has it been since you were at the Blackpool Dance Festival together?

It was 6 years ago!



Last time you were at the Blackpool Dance Festival  you were dancing in Amateur – did it feel much different dancing in professional?

I felt it was even more enjoyable and challenging dancing in the professional, it was so great to be back at the Wintergardens :)



How long had you and Eric danced together before previously?

Before Eric danced with Liss End after I had my baby we had danced together for 13 years



Does it feel any different dancing with Eric again or does it feel like no time has passed?

I feel that for both of us our dancing and thinking is more mature now. As a “new partnership”we dance in a better level of harmony


Both you and Eric have children now how has that changed the dynamics to your partnership?

There are no obvious changes. I am still perusing my dream :)



How was the Blackpool Dance Festival competition for you? What were your highlights?

It was an honour to be back dancing in the Wintergardens at such an iconic venue. My highlight has to be when the chairman announced our number into the final round of the first dance~ Slow waltz. We were so happy and overjoyed!



You showcased your return in a Chrisanne Clover Sugar Pink shaded dress – how was the dress for you?

This dress made me feel I like I was the most glamorous lady dancer on the dancefloor. Being dressed in a Chrisanne Clover dress allowed me to feel more confident as a competitor.



Anna wore this sugar pink shaded Ballroom dress beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours crystal, crystal AB, Light Rose and Rose. Sugar pink to white georgette godets rests over shaded satin chiffon and sugar pink organza underskirts. Accessorized with shaded georgette floats floating from right shoulder to wrists.



You placed 6th in the waltz and foxtrot – which dance do you think is your favourite?

I would have to say it is actually the Tango, I just love how dramatic it is to dance and perform



What are yours and Erics plans for the future with your newly revived partnership?

Haha lots of plans … but all confidential ;)



It’s amazing after 6 long years, life brings us back together and We step onto the dance floor together again, stronger and better.

This time, We made 3 dances into the Pro ballroom final of the 98th Blackpool dance festival!

Anna, you’re simply awesome! 

Grateful to my family, teachers, friends and sponsors! Without your trust and support, I wouldn‘t have made it so far.





Follow Anna’s journey on Instagram here >

You can follow Eric’s journey on Instagram here >

Blackpool Couture 2024

This May saw dancers from all over the world come to the UK to take part in the prestigious competition events taking place at Blackpool – The Open Worlds and The Blackpool Dance Festival.

Our couture team worked hard to dress our sponsored dancers reflecting each dancers style and personality, each one embellished with Swarovski® crystals…


This striking champagne and cappuccino floral Ballroom dress was designed for Irina, which she wore for The Open Worlds at the tower Ballroom winning the professional Ballroom. A cappuccino bodice is adorned with 3 dimensional flowers and embellished with Swarovski crystals including colours light sapphire, violet, light rose, silk and peach delite. 



Irina wore this dazzling shaded metallic gold and black Ballroom dress for the team match at The Open Worlds. Metallic lycra gold on gold is ruched expertly over a cappuccino stretch net bodice, embellished with Swarovski crystals in golden shadow, light colorado topaz and jet. Accessorised with ostrich feather boa floats for a dramatic finish.



Our Professional Ballroom finalist Emanuela wore this white and cappuccino Ballroom dress for both The Open Worlds and The Blackpool Dance Festival. A deep plunge nude illusion dress features a white stretch net bodice with a cappuccino centre front plunge, embellished with Swarovski crystals including colours crystal AB, crystal and electric white. 



In earlier rounds Emanuela wore this black and cappuccino ballroom dress embellished with Swarovski crystals including colours jet, jet hematite, graphite, rainbow dark and crystal. Black georgette skirts are adorned with hackle feather and ostrich feather fringe.



For the team match Emanuela wore this Red Ballroom dress embellished with Swarovski crystals in colours light siam and siam nightfall. Red georgette skirts are adorned with ostrich feather fringe fading up the dress, accessorized with red stretch net gloves with organza puffs, and drop floats attached.


Back on the dancefloor reviving her partnership with Eric, Anna looked beautiful in this sugar pink shaded Ballroom dress embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours crystal, crystal AB, Light Rose and Rose. Sugar pink to white georgette godets rests over shaded satin chiffon and sugar pink organza underskirts. 


Sophia wore this striking animal print Ballroom dress at the Blackpool Dance Festival. Animal print stretch net rests over a cappuccino bodice adorned with a flower detail on the right shoulder. Embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours jet and light topaz. 



Arisa wore this dazzling cappuccino feather Ballroom dress for The Open Worlds. A cappuccino stretch net over lycra dress is adorned with ostrich feathers and embellished with Swarovski crystals in smoked topaz, smoked topaz AB, Light Colorado Topaz, Jet and Smoked Amber.


Arisa wore this striking black and gold Ballroom dress at the Blackpool Dance Festival. A black stretch over lycra dress is adorned with gold feather antenna and embellished with Swarovski crystals in colours jet hematite, jet, golden shadow, light Colorado topaz, golden topaz and metallic sunshine.


Lycra Offer for June 2024

This June we are thrilled to offer you 20% off our Matt and Lustre Lycra fabric range!

No need to enter a promo code the price is already deducted on each product...


We have two main types of Lycra: Matt and Lustre Lycra. Lustre Lycra has a slight sheen finish that adds a different quality to your design. We have over 29 colours available in Matt Lycra and over 15 colours in the Lustre Lycra each one colour matching to our essential colour collection range... Read more >


Discount offer available until the 30th June
Trade discounts apply
Whilst promotional stocks last

Lumie Non Hotfix Flatback Crystals



By popular demand we are thrilled to let you know that Lumié crystals are now available in non-hotfix flatback crystals in sizes ss16, ss20, ss30, ss34 and ss40 

Available in a kaleidoscope of 44 captivating colours Lumié crystals are flawless, on trend and the perfect colour-match for your own unique applications; either used on their own or combined with the Lumié Sew-On shapes collection…




Sew Ons: Light Siam
Flat Backs: Siam, Siam AB, Light Siam, Hyacinth, Ruby, Fuchsia AB



Sew Ons: Light Peach, Light Rose
Flat Backs: Light Peach, Light Peach AB, Rose, Rose AB



Sew Ons: Light Topaz
Flat Backs: Citrine, Citrine AB, Topaz, Light Topaz AB



Sew Ons: Emerald, Fern Green, Peridot
Flat Backs: Emerald, Emerald AB, Fern Green, Fern Green AB


Sew Ons: Blue Zircon, Aquamarine
Flat Backs: Blue Zircon, Blue Zircon AB, Cobalt AB



Sew Ons: Capri Blue, Sapphire
Flat Backs: Cobalt, Sapphire, Sapphire AB


Sew Ons: Amethyst
Flat Backs: Amethyst, Violet, Violet AB



Sew Ons: Light Smoked topaz, Golden Shadow
Flat Backs: Golden Shadow, Light Colorado Topaz, Light Colorado Topaz AB, Smoked Topaz



Sew Ons: Jet, Black Diamond,
Jet Hematite
Flat Backs: Jet, Jet Hematite, Black Diamond, Black Diamond AB



Sew Ons: Crystal, Crystal AB
Flat Backs: Crystal, Crystal AB


The Stretch Lace Effect with BellaRosa



Be inspired with our exquisite lace couture that features our NEW stretch lace BellaRosa in the colour Wine layered over cappuccino stretch net.

Beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours fuchsia shimmer, siam nightfall, light siam shimmer and ruby enhancing the floral design perfectly.

The scalloped edge of the stretch lace charmingly borders the keyhole back and mitten gloves. 6-half circle lace skirts rests over cappuccino satin chiffon hemmed with crinoline for added bounce and movement. Enhanced with our ever-popular Ostrich feather boa in wine adorning each arm creating for a luxurious finish.


For more information about the couture dress featured, or to have a dress made inspired by the fabric or design - contact our couture sales team who can help make your dream dress a reality [email protected]



Blackpool Dance Festival 2024

Chrisanne Clover will be exhibiting at the Blackpool Dance Festival in the Wintergardens from the 18th May –  31st May and we are thrilled to have some new and exciting collections launching exclusively at the Wintergardens!
Place your orders with our sales team now for collection at the Wintergardens stand
[email protected]
+44 (0)20 8640 5921
The best of luck to all of our friends, customers and sponsors taking part at this event!
We look forward to seeing you there!


Blackpool 2023


Stretch Net and Fringe Offer for May


This May we are thrilled to offer you a double offer on our ever popular products FRINGE & STRETCH NET! No need to enter a promo code the price is already deducted on each product. Happy Shopping :)

Discount offer available until the May 31st
Trade discounts apply
Whilst promotional stocks last



With over 40 colours to choose from, Chrisanne Clover Stretch Net is perfect for all performance needs. A high quality fine net with great durability and excellent recovery.

Layer over metallics or alternate coloured fabrics to create different hues and textures.

Embellish with crystals and adorn with trimmings such as fringe, feathers and bead droppers. Ruche, twist, knot … create cuts and snips – the design possibilities with Stretch Net are endless!



Our Chrisanne Clover TACTEL® fringe is available in vast collection of over 30 vibrant colours that match our essential fabric range. Available in sizes 15cm and 30cm with options of a stretch and non-stretch band. We also have 40cm fringe available in black, white and red, as well as 60cm in black and white. The fringe is looped with a white string that keeps the fringe tidy until needed – then simply pull the white string away.


Stretch Net

With over 40 colours to choose from, Chrisanne Clover stretch net is perfect for all performance needs. A high-quality fine net with great durability and excellent recovery.



An easy way to add extra coverage without restriction, this multi-purpose stretch fabric is a designer’s dream. Ideal for layering and draping to really add depth and texture to any design, meaning your style options are endless.

The elasticity of stretch net makes this mesh an amazing fabric to dance in as it does not restrict movement, giving way to the body action required at a high-performance level. With its stretch and ventilation, stretch net is the perfect fabric for all performance wear such as ice skating, gymnastics, and sportswear.


Experiment by laying stretch net over a print, shine or a contrasting coloured fabric to transform your designs and create new and exciting hues



As well as being an essential fabric for our Couture range, Stretch Net is also used plentifully within our Chrisanne Clover dancewear range, teamed with Luxury Crepe it is used beautifully for sleeves and neckline top finishes for an exquisite finish…



Stretch Net is an essential fabric used in all of Chrisanne Clover’s couture competition gowns. With its elasticity and sheer finish qualities, stretch net is a very versatile and must have fabric for both Ballroom and Latin competiton wear. The colour Nude is the ‘designers choice’ at Chrisanne Clover as it is great for the use in sleeves and tops embellished with crystals, giving a lustrous shimmer nude effect with the ability to smooth and refine the skin tone


Stretch Net is widely used for the bodices and dresses of Chrisanne Clover couture gowns. With Ballroom dresses in particular, stretch net over a lycra bodice is a great favourite whether they be colour matching fabrics or combining 2 different colours to get a different effect.



Learn more about our stretch net range, colours, and prints by checking out our catalogue > or purchasing a Chrisanne Clover sample book >


We Have Moved

We are thrilled to announce Chrisanne Clover has changed location! We have moved into a larger and more exceptional premises that is not far away from our previous address - we have moved only just down the road so we will be easy to find. Our Chrisanne Clover service to our customers has not been impacted and you can be sure our assistance will benefit from this change …




Please book an appointment with our sales team if you would like to make a visit to the new showroom

[email protected]

10am - 4pm Monday - Friday
(by appointment only)
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Feather Your Nest

 Get creative with the eternal Ballroom favourite: Ostrich Feathers


Ostrich feather boas have for a long time been a classic adornment to the competition ballroom dress. They add an instant touch of glamour and luxury to your design, whether used sparingly as floats, or as a full boa hem. 

Our feather boas and feather fringe are lovingly created in South Africa by a team of expert crafts people. They are then custom dyed to co-ordinate with our full range of fabrics and trimmings. Bring your look to life with co-ordinating shades that add depth and contrast to your ballroom couture.


Ostrich Feather Qualities

You can achieve a wide range of effects by incorporating feathers into your design. They typically add volume, texture and a lightness to your couture that emphasises movement across the floor and catches the attention of judges and spectators alike.

The Chrisanne Clover Range

Renowned for our colour matched fabrics and trimmings, feathers are no exception! Select from a wide range of colours to seamlessly work with the rest of your design. From vibrant pinks and reds through to soft pastel hues, create the look of your dreams.

Where can you use ostrich feather boas and fringe?

We like to always try new techniques in our couture and are seeing designers world-wide adopt feathers creatively into their work. Here are just a few ideas to consider:


Feather Boas


Our boas are luxurious 6-ply - don’t settle for less when you’re aiming for a full look. Lower ply boas aren’t as impactful and don’t have the density that defines a full feather boa finish. Use them for any of the following:

·      Around the circumference of the ballroom skirt hem. Typically these will be added to a ready wired or crinoline finished top layer to give the skirt structure. This also gives you something fairly robust to attach the boa to. Be sure to make the joins as seamless as possible. All our boas come in 1.8m lengths, and on a full ballroom skirt you may require up to 6 or 7 boas depending on the circumference of your finished top skirt layer.

·      Use one complete length (or more if you want a bigger effect!) folded in half from the wrist for a float

·      If you’re on a budget, use a smaller length as a wrist trim or create a pom pom affect by attaching a small length of feather to a narrow fabric strip attached from the lower arm of a sleeve

·      Wrap a boa around the elbow attached to either a gauntlet or arm cuff which you can then either extend into a drop length or simply keep compact around the arm to create a higher up float and extend that ballroom frame

·      Use the boas above the bust line around the dress bodice

·      Pluck individual feathers from the boa and apply them in small groups to create a lighter effect on ballroom skirts. This is great for achieving a graduated or contrast effect with different colours or simply to add subtle texture and definition onto your dress.

·      Although less common in Latin dress design, feathers can still create a fantastic feature as part of the skirt to create volume and texture. Often associated with the samba dance style, they create a vibrant effect.



Ostrich Feather Fringe 



With each feather individually plucked and sewn on a band, this a great way to achieve a flatter finish.

·      Use instead of a full boas for a full ballroom skirt trim by sewing the band under the skirt to conceal it – consider using a ribbon binding to create a feature of the join.

·      Layer up the fringe to create a multi coloured effect

·      For complete extravagance, create tiers of fringe all the way from the hip down to the skirt hem. Play with multiple colours to create a graduated look. Why not combine with an array of multi-coloured crystals on the bodice to complement the overall design?

·      Add the fringe onto the edge of circular fluted georgette arm floats to create a softer feel than a boa would offer



Learn more about our feather range by checking out our catalogue or by browsing our competition couture for some inspiration.

April Couture Collection

With the Blackpool Dance Festival taking place next month - why not treat yourself to a fresh new look with our stock couture collection in a variety of styles and colours; beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals ...

For more information about any of the couture featured contact our couture team who can make your dream dress a reality [email protected]


This striking cappuccino Ballroom dress is adorned with Amour Lace motifs and is embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours crystal AB, light colorado topaz and golden shadow. Shaded georgette godets are adorned with goose and ostrich feather fringe creating full movement, resting over satin chiffon and gold organza underskirts. Shaded georgette floats are attached to embellished armbands and a crystallized sleeve.


This dazzling black and cappuccino shaded Ballroom dress features a cappuccino bodice with velvet panels embellished with Swarovski® crystals in Jet and Black Diamond. Shaded satin chiffon skirts rests over georgette and organza underskirts. 


This beautiful Lilac Dream Ballroom dress is embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours Graphite, Scarabaeus Green, Cobalt Shimmer, Tanzanite and Lavender DeLite. The bodice is adorned with bead droppers shading in colours jet hematite, volcano, sapphire ab, bluebell and light rose. 



This exquisite Jade Ballroom dress features stretch net ruched beautifully across the bodice flowing through into a ruched sleeve, with Hero lace motifs appliquéd on the shoulders. Embellished in Swarovski® crystals in Crystal, AB, Light Sapphire Shimmer, Ocean DeLite and Light Turquoise. 



This majestic black and cobalt shaded Ballroom dress features a black sweetheart shaped bodice with a key hole back, embellished with Swarovski® crystals including colours crystal, aqua, light sapphire shimmer, sapphire, majestic blue, cobalt shimmer and jet. 



This petite Latin dress features our NEW animal print Sanchez luxury crepe that is embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours light silk and jet. 

Clearance Lace Motifs and Ribbons


Our clearance collection of lace motifs and ribbons are not to be missed. Add texture and dimension to your designs and dress up your accessories with a touch of dramatic flourish…


Price was £17.40 p/m
Now £2.25 p/m
Width 7cm
Available in a wide range of colours this diamond crochet ribbon features 3 columns of diamond motifs. The square sew on stone in a size 16mm as pictured with the Lumie´square is a great size to fit the diamond shape.


Size 14cm x 17cm
was £9 now £2.81 per piece
Pictured in red, also available in multi pink, this motif makes a pretty addition to your designs.
youtube clip >


Height 27.5cm
was £41.50 p/m now £15.00 p/m
This flower is perfect for adding a botanical decoration to your couture and accessory.
youtube clip >


was £12 now £3.75 each
A dynamic floral motif that has all the essence of Spring, available in 2 colour options
youtube clip >


was £12 now £3.75 each
Full of the joys of spring this charismatic floral motif is a great statement piece , available in 2 colour options
youtube clip >


Size 25cm x 10cm
was £19.80 now £6.19 per pair
A beautiful floral motif pair to add botanical texture to your couture and accessory.
youtube clip >


Size 19cm x 8cm
was £17.40 now £5.54 per pair
The heartleaf motif comes in a pair and is a great accessory to use in your designs.
youtube clip >


Size 43cm x 9cm
was £15 now £4.69 per pair
Our largest motif pair makes this a very versatile trimming to add to your designs.
youtube clip >


Size 32cm x 11cm
was £15 now £3.75 per pair
This leaf effect crochet lace can be applied as one piece or cut down to create different shapes 
youtube clip >


Spring Summer Colour Trends 2024

Motivated by the new Spring Season now upon us - we take influence from the Spring Summer catwalk runways that were dominated by colours ranging from classic pastels to dark cherry reds.

Be inspired by what is a key colour this season for your next couture …



Ranging from dark to pastels - green were evident on the runways with designers using them in colour blocking and monochrome styles. From our pastel light Spearmint such as dress BDD019PP , to Apple Green with dramatic black features such as BDD519PP , and emerald green incorporating sugar pink for a romantic, softer style such as BDD977NN  . Crystal colours in emerald, shamrock and green tourmaline work well with this colour.



A beautiful shade of grey with a slight blue hue this colour can be mixed with shades such as sugar pink and gold in dress BDD890NN , or experiment with shading from silver to hematite like in the dress BDD884NN . Enhance with crystals in shades of crystal and pink tones to accentuate the colour. Crystals in colours jet hematite, black diamond, crystal and crystal AB work well with this shade.




A popular colour on the runways and the dancefloor lilac is a beautiful shade of violet with a slight pink hue. Enhance with crystals in crystal and yellow tones such as dress BDD559PP or be head to toe in lilac creating texture with ruching such as dress BDD483PP and lace in dress BDD456PP. Crystals in colours amethyst, light amethyst, violet and tanzanite are a great match against this shade.




Shades of pastel blue such as our Bluebell and Ice Blue look great on the dancefloor and was a popular shade on the catwalk. Take inspiration from our Bluebell couture with shades of crystals and sequinned fabric in dress BDD425PP , or enhance Ice Blue with citrine crystals as shown in dress BDD660NN. Crystals in colour light sapphire, aquamarine and turquoise match well.




A dramatic shade of blue this colour looks great under the spotlights; as worn by Irina with a ruched velvet bodice and satin chiffon skirts in dress BDD487PP , or for a lighter shade of electric blue enhanced with impressive shading to black in dress BDD013NN.  Crystals in colours montana, sapphire, capri blue and dark indigo best match this shade.



Bold and refined add a touch of gold to your couture. Emanuella had  embellished panels and shaded layered skirts in her dress BDD560PP , Irina used shading white to gold in her godets and floats with topaz and crystal embellishment on dress BDD442PP , and Olga’s Internationals couture BDD362PP featured gold godets and floats in satin chiffon creating an opulent finish.




A springtime classic, pastel yellow was prominent on the runways. Create rich textures with pleated fabric in your skirts and floats, enhance with feathers and embellish with crystals. Take inspiration with mixing block colours like dress BDD952NN mixed with lilac dream, or create rich accents incorporating gold features in dress BDD603NN





Red is always one of the most popular colours on the catwalk and the dancefloor - with this season is no exception. However a shift to deeper, opulent tones such as cherry red and wine take precedence. Take inspiration from Natascha’s wine couture with a cappuccino bodice embellished with white pearls and adorned feather boas, fringe and goose shading from wine to white BDD514PP , or dress head to toe in a column of colour creating texture with pleating and ruching in Sophia’s dress BDD460PP



For fabric samples of any of the colours featured in this email contact our sales team who will be able to send you up to 5 samples free of charge [email protected] . Or why not purchase our Sample Book - a must have for every designer to help with your design consultations 


To have a dress made inspired by this email, contact our couture team who can help make your dream dress a reality! contact [email protected]


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Luxury Clearance Fabrics


Our clearance collection of embroidered fabrics are not to be missed with endless of possibilities to create texture, shine and layering that will make your designs for couture, practice or evening wear that much more unique.

Experiment with metallic fabrics or alternate colour underlays to transform the ordinary in the extraordinary …



was £61.59 p/m now £15.00 p/m
Pictured in the colour light hot magenta layered over lilac dream.
youtube clip >


was £41.50 p/m now £15.00 p/m
Pictured layered over lilac dream and cappuccino.
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was £51.30 p/m now £15.00 p/m
Pictured layered silver metallic lycra and cappuccino.
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was £61.56 p/m now £15.00 p/m
Pictured in the colour Jade layered over peacock blue and cappuccino.
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was £61.54 p/m now £18.75 p/m
Pictured in the colour Salmon
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was £61.56 p/m now £15.00 p/m
Pictured in red layered over cappuccino lycrametallic lycra silver & red
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was £61.54 p/m now £15.00 p/m
Pictured in white layered over white & cappuccino lycra, & silver metallic lycra
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was £59.40 p/m now £15.00 p/m
Pictured in blueberry layered over blue, silver & turquoise metallic lycra
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Georgette Unfurled

Lighten Up Your Look ...

Our polyester georgette fabric is not only a superstar in the world of ballroom dance dresses, it’s also the mainstay for many designers and dressmakers looking for a sheer, lightweight evening wear material to create volume and movement.

Georgette doesn’t have any stretch, so this must be considered when designing with it. Ideally, it works best in skirts and floats for ballroom dresses, top layers in evening wear or as decorative elements. 


Georgette Fabric Qualities

As a non-stretch fabric, georgette will be perfect for creating soft detailing and interest either on its own or together with a range of our exclusively colour matched fabrics and trimmings.

At Chrisanne Clover, we offer a full collection of georgettes:


* Plain Dye >

* Ombre Shading >

* Shimmer >

* Georgette Starlight >

* A range of animal, abstract and floral prints >


Georgette is most commonly used in ballroom skirt panels. As it’s a sheer fabric, careful attention should be paid to seaming so that the insides look as neat as the outside. An overlocker can be used to neaten edges, or if you don’t own one, a French seam technique can be used to conceal edges. Unless you choose one of our specialist shimmer or sparkle varieties, standard georgette has a delicate matt finish which provides a softer look to your design.


What are the benefits of Georgette for dance dresses?

Irina in her Lilac Dream couture with a georgette skirt and floats


Lightweight – This is the lightest of all our fabrics, perfect for adding voluminous layers to ballroom skirts without adding weight. The lack of stretch makes it easier to work with for softer hemlines. It’s also great to add in softer draping features to Latin dresses or as floats to ballroom dresses.

Volume & Layers – Most of the popular competition ballroom dress styles contain multiple layers. You can achieve a beautifully full skirt when you introduce crinoline to shape and stiffen the hem either as a visible finish or “wrapped” into an enclosed hem.

Sheer – You can create some unique colour effects when using a georgette over a different colour under layer. It works particularly well over our satin chiffon, creating an illusion and depth not possible when sticking to a single colour option.

Wavy & feature hems – Some of our recent couture designs have used georgette to create a handkerchief skirt, offering a more organic, lighter and free feel to the skirt. Another popular hem finish is using a rolled hem stitch on the bias edge of a part-circle godet or arm float to create a subtle wave. You can create a stronger wave effect on a skirt hem by stitching in nylon fishing line.

Pleating – Georgette is a fabulous candidate for our custom pleating service. Why not use pleated sunray style godets and floats to give your design some extra texture and create more surface interest?


Popular Uses in Dance Costumes

Vilhelmina in her hot magenta shaded couture with georgette godets and shaded georgette floats


Here is a list of some parts of a dance dress that can use Lycra:

* Ballroom skirt panels

* Ballroom skirt Godets with circular of handkerchief hem finish

*Cape effect over bodice of ballroom dress

*Floats (traditional wrist to centre back placement or a variety of panel shapes and styles)

*Draped body or skirt section for Latin dresses

*Cut fabric on the bias to create a wavy hem option


Mixing Georgette With Other fabrics

Sophia in her Wine couture that has a georgette top skirt trimmed with feather fringe resting over layers of georgette, satin chiffon and organza, with georgette handkerchief floats


You must take care when combining georgette with other fabric. If working with a combination of layers using a stretch fabric, remember the georgette will restrict stretch and potentially pull at the seams so you must allow some movement or extra allowance with fastenings.

Popular combos:

*Layered over satin chiffon

*With individual ostrich feather trim application on skirt hems and floats

*With full ostrich feather boas on skirt hems and floats

*As an open cap sleeve style seamed into Lycra bodice

*Layer over metallic fabrics for a subtle shimmer with movement


Learn more about our Georgette range, colours, and prints by checking out our catalogue > or purchasing a Chrisanne Clover sample book >

Wear it like Vilhelmina


Wearing our C by Chrisanne Clover Practicewear collection, Vilhelmina gives us her view on some of her favourite collection pieces and her pairing choices …
‘I absolutely love how silky smooth the skirts and tops feel when I dance. They are flexible, but still stay beautifully on my body when I dance. My favourite is the Bellatrix dance top, I think the back is so beautiful, it suits perfectly both with a skirt for practice and with pants for teaching. The skirts are in my opinion the perfect length, and feels light and airy when I am dancing’ 



Bellatrix Top & Capella Skirt
Vilhelmina is dressed in the Bellatrix top and Capella Ballroom skirt - The top has all the moves with its cowl draped back in contrast to the classic front style with 3 quarter length sleeves, teamed with a bountiful skirt full of dynamic motion...

'This top is my favourite from the collection - I love pairing it with the Capella Ballroom skirt with its impressive movement I feel they really enhance my moves on the dancefloor.'


Gemini Top with the Venus Skirt
Dressed in the Gemini top and Venus skirt this chic dance top is the perfect staple must with its complimentary V shaped neckline; teamed with the rouched waistband Ballroom skirt for a flattering finish...

'The rouching of the skirt waistband is very flattering and I like to dress it with the Gemini top that is beautifully fitted'


Galaxy Top & Capella Skirt
Dressed in the Galaxy top and Capella Ballroom skirt - the fitted top features a butterfly effect stretch net sleeves, teamed with a full skirt creating dynamic movement...

'The sleeves on this top is very elegant and I love how it moves when I dance - dressed with the Capella Ballroom skirt creates so much movement on the dancefloor!'



Essential Lycra

Discover one of our most popular fabrics, Lycra…

In the dance and performance world, Lycra is the staple fabric for almost all dresses and performance wear as dancing requires fluidity of movement, flexibility, and comfort. This is why Lycra has become such a popular fabric choice for dance dresses and costumes.

Lycra, also known as Spandex, is a synthetic material that stretches well and bounces back to its original shape. With its unique 4-way stretch capabilities and range of finishes, this fabric is great for cutting-edge designs.

This fabric is popular for dance outfits because it looks good and allows for easy movement. It helps your costume move well with your body and lets you perform at your best.

Lycra Fabric Qualities

Stretch and elastane fabrics are popular quality fabrics, often chosen by dress makers for their stretch, durability, and versatility. They are ideal for both amateurs and professionals dressmakers.

At Chrisanne Clover, we have two main types of Lycra Fabric: matt Lycra and lustre Lycra. The latter, has a slight sheen finish that adds a different quality to any garment. All our Chrisanne Clover stretch fabrics are available in our full colour-matched range. Dress designers can create different styles using a range of components, with peace of mind that each design will complement the chosen Lycra and match each dancer's unique taste.

What are the benefits of Lycra for dance dresses?


Flexibility - The incredible stretch and recovery of this fabric allows complete freedom of movement. Dancers can stretch, kick, leap, and twirl without restriction.

Comfort - Lycra moulds to the body like a second skin. It doesn't restrict or pinch. This enables dancers to perform for long periods without discomfort.

Breathability - These fabrics breathe well, wicking moisture away from the skin. This prevents overheating and sweat-soaked fabrics.

Shape retention - Lycra holds its shape through repeated stretching and releasing. Costumes keep their flattering silhouette performance after performance.

Durability - The resilient fibres resist runs, tears, and pulls even after hours on the dance floor. Garments last and retain their elasticity through countless wears.

Style - Lycra's clinging stretch is perfect for the glamorous, body-conscious silhouettes favoured in dance wear. It highlights the dancer's form and movement.

Our Specialist Finish Lycra Fabric

Today, there are many different types of Lycra available for a special effect and higher impact. Amongst these are patterns and prints to suit every vision:

Metallic Abstract print Floral print Animal print Foil on Hologram Gloss leather effect   Popular Uses in Dance Costumes

In our world of Ballroom & Latin dancing, Lycra forms the basis of almost every dress – literally. Competition dresses usually have a leotard base.

Typically, the dress base consists of Lycra and is either the same colour as the dress or a flesh tone. This choice of material helps with lighter colours and prevents the fabric from being see-through. Here is a list of some parts of a dance dress that can use Lycra:

The leotard base Bodice panels of a ballroom or Latin dress Strips of fabric fringing as the basis for crystal embellishment Gauntlets or sleeves Longer dress panels in ballroom dresses between lighter weight godets Applique for cut out designs over a stretch net base Covered belts, armlets and 3D applique


Mixing Lycra With Other fabrics


As Lycra is one of the more substantial and robust fabrics we use in dance wear, it helps to add structure to a design. However, it can be too heavy to use on its own, especially for a ballroom dress.

Popular combos:

Lycra bodice over a stretch net upper body/sleeve Lycra applique sections over a stretch net base Lycra leotard under a crepe or stretch net dress layer Lycra dress panels with satin chiffon or georgette godets Lycra layered under stretch net for a double dress bodice with enhanced texture


Learn more about our Lycra range, colours, and prints by checking out our catalogue or purchasing a Chrisanne Clover sample book.

Precisoa Innovations SS 2025


As an authorized silver distributer of Preciosa crystals, we are thrilled to let you know about the exciting launch of their new colour collections and additions for 2025…



Chaton MAXIMASizes: ss6.5, 8.5, 12, 16, 29Chaton Rose MAXIMA and Chaton Rose VIVA 12®No Hotfix and HotfixSizes: ss5-ss34Rondelle BeadSizes: 3mm – 6mmImperative and invigorating, Acid Yellow pulsates with main character energy. Infused with a hint of electric green, this dopamine bright feels almost alive with saturated shine, emitting très-chic sartorial shockwaves that permeate even the most rigid core aesthetics and capsule collectables.




Chaton Rose MAXIMA and Chaton Rose VIVA 12®No Hotfix and HotfixSizes: ss5-ss34Rondelle BeadSizes: 3mm – 6mmSlightly giddy, and hopelessly romantic, there is something simply irresistible about Rose Peach. This delicious hard-candy pink is gracefully softened with warm, peachy undertones for a more sophisticated, investment-worthy shade that simultaneously grounds and uplifts with its cheerfully natural shine.



Rivoli MAXIMASizes: 12mm, 14mmTwo sizes of our Rivoli MAXIMA now come in eight additional colours.Amethyst, Aqua Bohemica, Black Diamond, Emerald, Fuchsia, Light Rose, Rose, Tanzanite


For more information about any of these products and to place a special order, please contact our sales team who will be happy to help [email protected]


The Dress Trends at the UK Open 2024













The start of 2024 saw the exciting UK Open take place at Bournemouth, which sets a precedent to what trends we can expect to see on the dancefloor for the rest of the year. Our couture team watched the competitions take place and noticed the following trends that may help you decide on your designs and colours for your next couture …




As always feathers were very popular on the dresses, but it was much more common to see them used on the arms and as floats, as well as across the chest and shoulders.


shop feathers >




There was a big trend back towards large fabric floats, which was a definite shift from what we had been seeing previously.





In terms of colour, red was very popular, but greens and jewel stones like peacock blue and emerald really stood out on the floor.


Interestingly, silver was the surprise colour that seemed to be very popular on the floor.




For the professionals, most of the skirts still had the normal organza underskirt, but in the amateur Ballroom it looked as if the flatter, lighter skirt trend set by Irina (and now also Emanuela and Vilhelmina) is catching on.


There was also a very big trend towards panelled, all in one dresses that used stretch fabrics such as stretch net, crepe or lycra as an all in one dress. These gave a very flared look, being able to shape tightly over the hips and trimmed with crinoline at the hem.



In the Latin, large sequins were the common theme. The darker colours and metallics seemed more popular than fluorescent tones but overall, there was a lot of variation.



To have a dressed made inspired by the UK Open contact our couture team who can help make your dream dress a reality [email protected]



New Stretch Lace Collections


We are thrilled to introduce you to 2 NEW stretch lace designs available in a colours that match our colour collections…



Width: 145cm
This beautiful stretch lace is available in 8 different colour options and has a scalloped edge to add endless possibilities to your designs. The stretch makes it great to use in all over dresses, bodices and godets.




Width 140cm
Add a touch of feminine floral with this alluring floral print available in 9 brilliant colour options. Florentina’s fantastic stretch allows the use for all over garments, bodice design as well decoration elements in the skirts. 







UK Open Couture 2024

Kicking off the new year for 2024 saw the glitz and glamour of the UK Open take place in Bournemouth this January. We were thrilled to see our sponsored dancers looking so elegant in their Chrisanne Clover couture, each one beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals.

Here is what they wore …



Irina wore this stunning white and cappuccino Ballroom dress for the final. Beautifully embellished with Swarovski crystals including crystal white pearls, crystal AB and crystal. Georgette handkerchief godets falls elegantly from the bodice, with white satin gloves adorned with ostrich feather boas.

In earlier rounds Irina wore this cherry red, smooth velvet couture, adorned with floral pieces and embellished with Swarovski crystals in crystal ab. Georgette cherry red and white asymmetric zig zag godets flow elegantly from the bodice, adorned with ostrich feather fringe strands.

For the final Emanuela wore this dazzling white Ballroom dress embellished with Swarovski crystals in golden shadow, golden topaz, silk shimmer, crystal and crystal AB. 3 layers of shaded satin chiffon skirts fall elegantly from the bodice; with large draped circle floats in white georgette floating over each arm


In earlier rounds Emanuela wore this stunning lilac dream couture beautifully embellished with Swarovski crystals in colours golden shadow, silk shimmer, citrus green, province lavender, amethyst and crystal AB. Lilac dream godets resting over satin chiffon falls elegantly from the bodice, with overlapping petal shapes in georgette.


 Vilhemina wore this striking black and hot red Ballroom dress embellished with Swarovski crystals in colours siam, ruby and light siam shimmer. Ostrich feather pieces adorns zig zag hemmed godets, with georgette floats floating from each arm.


In earlier rounds Vilhemina wore this striking hot magenta Ballroom dress beautifully embellished with Swarovski crystals in jet, amethyst, volcano and topaz shimmer. Embellished flower petal shapes adorn the left fron and back hip creating an elegant 3-dimensional touch. 


Arisa wore this striking monochrome Ballroom dress that is beautifully embellished with Swarovski crystals in colours jet, crystal and light silk. A sweetheart bodice is adorned with white 3D flower ribbon over the bust that flows into an all in one 8 panel dress, trimmed at the hem with white ostrich feather boa and feather fringe that rests over white organza underskirts.


To have a dress made inspired by the couture featured in this email, contact our couture team who can help make your dream dress a reality [email protected]


Bryan and Carmen now half price


Our Bryan and Carmen collections are reduced to 50% off!

These collections of men's Latin shirts and womenswear are suited for both on and off the dancefloor, whatever the occasion. Bryan and Carmen's unique personalities resonates through each piece that creates a fashion no dancer should be without...

Only available whilst stocks last!
Happy Shopping :) 


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