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Shades of pastel

The tranquillity of pastels was a trend predicted for Winter 2020 but will see it blossom well into the Spring/Summer of 2021. Soothing to the soul, pastel shades have associated itself recently with self-care, togetherness and positivity though these unprecedented times.



The pastel trend is a soft, comforting colour palette that brings back fond childhood memories of sweets, clouds and dreams. Be inspired with our former couture collections and shop the fabric colour range that suits you ….


A gorgeous pastel blue hue bluebell symbolizes gratitude and everlasting love.


Neutral, calm and relaxing Buttercream is a luxurious pastel shade that oozes elegance and sophistication.


A stunning Champagne fabric collection that represents sophistication and comfort.


A fine line between blue and green, this gorgeous shade of blue Aqua symbolises balance, peace and energy, evoking feelings of reinvigoration and dreaminess.


Lilac Dream is a beautiful hue that symbolizes happiness, tranquillity and emotion.


A refreshing shade of green Spearmint promotes feelings of tranquillity and calm.


Sugar Pink is a delicate shade that is cute, charming, feminine and sweet. A positive colour inspiring warmth and comfort.


This gorgeous colour Ice Blue associates itself with calmness and spirituality, promoting truth and tranquillity.


Inspired by the couture featured? Get in touch with our couture sales team to chat about a made to measure dress and get money off for this month only!


Sale motifs and ribbons

We are thrilled to offer you a vast range of motifs and ribbons reduced to clear from as low a £3 excl.VAT! 

A collection of floral, abstract, 3D, metallics and sequins you are sure to find something that will transform your look. Click the image to take you to the collections ...



We have a stunning collection of embroidered motifs in floral patterns reduced from as low s £3 excl.VAT that is sure to add a dynamism to your style!




Perfect for this Spring we have a gorgeous collection of floral motifs and ribbons that are reduced from as low as £3 excl.VAT, including a range of 3 dimensional ribbons, motif pairs and iron on shapes...


Add a touch of sequin magic to your designs with our collection of sequinned motifs reduced at £5 excl.VAT. Prefect for sprucing your handbags, shopping bags, jackets, jeans and more!



A range of 3 dimensional motifs and ribbons that are reduced from as low as £3 excl.VAT. Perfect for adding texture and and dimension to your designs.


Add some drama to your designs whether that be your home furnishings, wardrobe items or dancewear with our reduced collection of abstract motifs and ribbons priced from as low as £3 excl.VAT.

Be inspired with hybrid hues

Be Inspired with our Hybrid Hues couture that combines 2 shades from our colour range creating unique and interesting tones. So whether you cannot decide between 2 of your favourite colours, or you want to create a shade that is slightly in different tone; there are endless possibilities to creating the colour you want, your way ...


Hybrid hues was an extremely fun collection as it was a fantastic opportunity to experiment with our fabrics and see how we could combine and overlay colours to create new and exciting hues. We used  a variety of techniques, such as strong contrasts like Plum over Tropic Lime to create high impact or more tonal blends, such as bluebell over sugar pink to produce a soft and dreamy lilac. Whether it’s buttery Papaya or dramatic Viper, we hope these new colours inspire you, the options are endless! 

 Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer


 Most of these dresses are no longer available, but please contact our couture team for a dress inspired by this collection




Be inspired with this couture  that combines colours saffron over orange creating a stunning shade of mango.


This Ballroom dress combines colours lilac dream and sugar pink to create multi tonal effects from the bodice to skirt.


This couture experiments with creating different tonal shades by using Bluebell over Sugar Pink.


This couture combines colours spearmint and sugar pink creating stunning hues and shading. Why not combine your 2 favourite colours to create a couture as unique as you!


Can’t decide between two of your favourite colours? Why not combine the two and create a design different at all angles! This couture combines hematite with buttercream creating gorgeous textures and shine.


This couture beautifully combines Jade over Electric Pink creating luscious hues and shading.


Love the colour orange but want to tone it down? Experiment with layering darker colours over orange to create different shades and tones.


A colour like no other this  couture combines colours Plum over Tropic Lime creating a gorgeous hue.


Be inspired with this couture that combines Plum over Blue Zircon creating a stunning hue.


Watch for more colour combination ideas ...

For sample requests to experiment with your own colour palette please contact

Spring florals fabric collection


Fall in love with the joys of Spring as pretty florals are ready to burst into bloom with so much to look forward to!


Add darling buds to your designs whether that be to your couture, home furnishings or accessories; our collection of floral fabrics are sure to add that magical touch with many prints reduced at fantastic prices!





Ostrich feather boa 5 ply with marabou core now reduced


Our Ostrich Feather Boa 5 Ply with a Marabou Core collection originally priced at £85, is now reduced at a fantastic £63.75 excl.VAT per piece!

Add utter luxury to your couture with our stunning range of colours ...




Inspired by bridgerton

Netflix’s hit regency period drama Bridgerton has been an escapism for many with over 63 million households tuning in to watch the show since its launch on Christmas Day.

7,500 costumes were created from scratch for the show with only 2.5 months for the garments to be made.
Exquisite fabrics with eye-catching colours, trimmings and adornments; we take inspiration from some of the key looks from the show to get your design ideas flowing …





Shine like gold sparkle like diamonds


The rainbow has been a symbol for hope and positivity throughout these uncertain times but now let's look beyond the rainbow and be inspired by that pot of gold we all hope to see...


A colour associated with love, compassion, courage and magic; gold is a shade rich in tone and a symbol of wealth and extravagance. 

Our vast collection of gold fabrics and trimmings vary in lustre, sparkle, stretch and texture ...


We are thrilled to be able to offer Aurum crystals by Preciosa non hotfix flatback in sizes ss16, ss20 and ss30 ...


Inject life and colour to your home and wardrobe


With Spring just around the corner why not bring it home early and inject some life and colour to your decor and wardrobe items!

Bring the sunshine into your home and brighten up your day with our collection of motifs, ribbons and trimmings...



Preciosa crystals new colours and sizes now available


As an authorized distributor of Preciosa, at Chrisanne Clover we are thrilled to be able to offer you a dazzling range of colours newly added to our extensive range of flatback crystals ...  

Pantone colour of the year 2021


2021 has seen Pantone® launch 2 colours of the year…


‘The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a colour combination that gives us resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and uplifted; this is essential to the human spirit’

– Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute.




Inspired by these shades we look to our own collections of colour to inspire you either for you next couture, to add brilliance to your home décor, or just because. Add some illuminating optimism and positivity to your designs …



Bryan watson menswear



With the exciting launch of the Bryan for Chrisanne Clover Menswear Collection, we caught up with Bryan about what this collection means to him, how it all began, and how he is coping through the pandemic…



What inspired you to create your own dancewear collection?

Ronnie approached me with the idea of creating a menswear collection and he was very persuasive lol! There was the potential to take the menswear to another level and genre that hasn’t been explored yet. It was very exciting for Chrisanne Clover to provide the platform to build the foundations and for me to build on top of that.  It was such a super positive experience working with the team at Chrisanne Clover, they allowed me to be the creative.


What has been your main inspiration behind the collection?

For me it is most important for the shirt to dance, the shirt has to dance with your movements and not be restrictive, you don’t want to be distracted by the smallest thing. Comfort is also key, it has to be comfortable in order to dance in it is as well as wear it.

The two main focus points for this collection was for the top to either

1: feel like a second skin and become part of your body movement.

2: have the ability to be able to dance inside the shirt with no restrictions. 



Comfort in motion


For me it is important to create the same feeling for practice as in competition. If I was going to wear a loose shirt for competition, I would wear a loose shirt for practice. Dress as close as possible to how you would dress in competition in order to get that same feeling, was what I had in mind with these shirts. The possibility to make these tops interchangeable with the ability to dress down for casual, dress up for practice, or dress all out for competition; the clean cut styles makes way for these garments to be embellished with crystals if the individual desired.



How do you see your collection being worn?

I envision these tops delivering a  professional feel to the lesson and practice environment with a fashionable flare.


I believe with the dance style you craft, you should dress to suit. The authenticity of the dance form should remain and be seen through the clothes that you wear.  For me, showing the body silhouette is very important, I want to see all the nuances of the small body movements, and I feel personally, this collection does just that.



Do you have a favourite top in this collection?

Ahh that’s a tough one, I don’t have a particular favourite as all aspects of what I love in fashion are split up into every one of these tops. Each top covers different aspects of a dancers style and personality, as well as the overall goal purpose in enhancing the male silhouette.


Why did you choose black for this collection? How do you feel about colours in men’s attire on the dance floor?

Your personality should add the colour to your shirt, black leaves room for your personality to really shine through. However, if you feel you need your confidence boosted, then this can be enhanced by a colour. If you don’t have a personality sparkle in pink haha!




Tell us more about the names in this collection. For example, why is a top in particular called the Bryan Top?


I wanted the collection names to be very now, not nostalgic or futuristic. Names that are the Hollywood style of the moment; but not too strong. A name that represents the present – but with a sprinkle of Hollywood glam.


The Bryan top is called the Bryan as I loved to dance in a polo neck, you can see the entire body movement in a polo. If I had a choice back then, I would have danced my entire dancing career in a polo shirt. I believe the Bryan top signifies how I would like to see myself.


I remember when I wanted to start wearing a polo neck for competition, people were like NO you must wear a shirt with crystals! It is practicewear not competition! But in Blackpool, I just thought you know what, no, I feel I have to do this, I dared to do it and it was liberating. For me enhancing the silhouette is most important. When competing, I would not have strange things hanging off me as it would be too distracting. I used to imagine how I would dance and what I envisioned the silhouette to be, then dress to the form of that silhouette. Practice was the same.


What I wore had to be a part of me.


Were you a shirt out guy or a shirt in guy?

Definitely a shirt out guy! And this collection of menswear definitely looks great out as well as tucked in.





Did you have any costume horrors when you competed?

Yes loads! But I am proud of my mistakes because at least I dared to do it. Some dancers are so afraid to do things wrong and they have to all dress the same and have the same hairstyles. When you are a spectator and watching 7 rounds of dancing again and again, it can look very boring.


How should today’s dancers evolve to take the Latin American genre to the next level?

I would like them to be more daring. Dare to be themselves, dare to change their hair. Don’t be afraid and embrace making mistakes. I made loads of mistakes and I love every single one of them. That’s how I got to where I am today.



Where do you see your role in the dance industry in the future?

I think I will be doing what I have been doing since I retired with continuing to fight for Latin American dancing to never let it lose its authenticity.


How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you with your life and your career?


I see myself as a positive person and have really tried to make the most out of the situation we are in. There have been a lot of zooms where communication has had to be much more clear - vocally. Rather than me dancing the moves in teaching, it has had to be communicated and that has made a huge improvement to the way we connect, which I take as a positive out of this situation.


However, a negative for me is not being able to reach my overseas students, for example in China and having no connection, I miss it.


Dance will always be about human touch and emotion.


With this challenge dancers all over the world are currently facing, what has been your biggest challenge in your career?

For me the biggest challenge in my career has been there has never been enough time. Now there is time. I always advise my students to keep going and keep practicing. This is a fortunate gift of time to make major improvements without the stress of the next competition. Really use this time as you may never get it again.


Right now for me it has certainly been a time of reflection. Before COVID-19 I was busy running about everywhere and this has forced me to stop. This time has most definitely been a personal growth. Not being the most technically minded this situation has forced me to zoom, live stream and streaming with Netflix lol! It has definitely also been a time to appreciate the simple things in life and going back to the basics.




What have you done with your time in Lockdown?

Haha there has been a lot of spring cleaning, sorting out my filing systems and keeping up to date! I have been part of a team of 6 Latin professionals called soulm8s where we have been live streaming to keep dancers motivated and inspired. We live stream 6 times a week and the team includes myself and Carmen, Allan Tornsberg & Vibeke Toft, Hans Galke & Bianka Schreiber.


I fear we may lose a lot of dancing couples through this pandemic and we really just want to reach out to our students to stay positive.





Bryan watson history of a dancing legend


Nine times professional World Latin American dance champion Bryan Watson is a name many know and love in the ballroom dancing world.  Born in 1969 in Durban, South Africa, Bryan first set foot in a dance school at the age of 5 learning both Ballroom and Latin dancing. 


A passion for Latin American, Bryan soon focused solely on that craft alone and in 1982 began his partnership with Claudia Leoni. In 1988 Bryan took the brave decision to leave South Africa and live in England to further his dancing career. By 1990, Bryan and Claudia won their first major victory as Amateur Latin International Open Dancing Champions in London, representing Italy. After 5 years of a successful amateur partnership, the couple decided to progress into professional Latin in 1992. However, not long after this move the couple decided to split and go their separate ways.


Watch Bryan and Claudia dance here >



After taking a short break Bryan soon came back to the dancefloor in 1993, forming a new partnership with Karen Hardy where they entered their first competition together at the Closed British in 1993.




 'Our partnership was an overnight phenomenal success.


 During my five years together with Bryan we battled against the greatest champions of the World to date representing England, namely; Donnie Burns MBE and Gaynor Fairweather MBE, Sammy Stopford and Barbara McColl, Corky and Shirley Ballas, Jukka Haapalainen and Suurpa Suutari, Hans Galke and Bianca Schreiber, Allan Tornsberg with Vibeke Toft and later with Carmen Vincelj, Paul Killick with Karina Killikova and later with Vibeke Toft and Jason Gilkison and Peta Roby. We travelled extensively throughout the world to destinations such as Asia, Europe, the Americas, Scandinavia and South Africa all in our efforts to be champions of the world.


Respect was gained through our teaching, demonstrating and lecturing worldwide and in 1996 the Ballroom Dancers Federation, a leading authority associated with the Ballroom and Latin dance profession, named us as “the most outstanding professional Latin American couple” for 1995/96, and we went on to receive the prestigious Carla Alan award for “services to the dance world”.

Before my retirement from the competitive world of dance in March 1999 my successful partnership with Bryan saw us as undefeated, United Kingdom, International, British National, World Masters, Open Italian, Yankie Classic, London Open, Osaka World Trophy Champions of Latin American Dance.'

- Karen Hardy


 Watch Bryan and Karen dance here >



 A month after Karen’s retirement in 1999 Bryan partnered with Carmen and began representing Germany.




‘We met at a later stage in our dancing career, we were both finalists but Bryan was ahead of me results wise. We were both established dancers and had the same dance teachers but our dancing journeys were very different.  We needed to find some sort of common ground that we could hook onto and to start with, it was very difficult’. 

- Carmen


‘Our success really depended a lot on our intellect at that moment in time, for example when we started dancing there were a lot of issues with connection, so we decided we would partner side by side. We did the whole choreography side by side for the first Blackpool and it was a nightmare! We came third. Hazel Fletcher wrote “this couple did way too much side to side” and we were like yes we know, because we can’t do anything together yet lol! We did progress and we spent more time discussing connections and altered the choreography as we went along. We even took some time out of competitions and shows as we felt we needed more inspiration. Our intellect was needed at different moments and phases in our dancing career, which really helped us to be where we are today and have the success that we did. The advice our teachers gave us at the right times also played a huge part.’

 - Bryan


‘When we got together we knew each other very well but it wasn’t the case of he is the best dancer for you, I generally liked Bryan as a person. There was a personal and mental connection that was so much more than “he is the right physique for you”. 

- Carmen


‘And you can’t teach personal connection’    - Bryan


watch Bryan and Carmen dance here  > 


Bryan and Carmen’s first competition was in 1999 at the British Open Championships and their greatest achievement was winning the Professional Latin at the Blackpool Dance Festival in 2007, for the seventh time. From 1999 to 2007 Bryan and Carmen were the champions in all tournaments and competitions becoming nine time Professional Latin World Champions.




At the peak of their career, Bryan and Carmen mutually decided to retire in the Spring of 2007, putting their focus and energy into non-competitive dancing. Since retirement, Bryan’s goal has always been to promote the authenticity of Latin American dancing, believing dancers should be proud of their craft and to study it; finding a balance of taking the foundations and incorporating your style and personality, to make the dance authentic.


Bryan and Carmen continue to live in Wimbledon and teach in Croydon at Mattico Dance Studios. They give regular Latin masterclasses and tutorials online SOULM8S along with  Allan Tornsberg & Vibeke Toft, Hans Galke & Bianka Schreiber. 


Shop Bryan's NEW Menswear collection in collaboration with Chrisanne Clover  ...





Uk open throwback


 January is well known for kick starting the year with the UK Open dancing championships that takes place at the Bournemouth International Centre. Here we take a look back at some of our couture highlights  over the last 4 years with each dress beautifully embellished with Swarovski® Crystals ...


'For me, I feel like this is the time where people open up and experiment with their designs, having fun and exploring what works for them and how best to show their personality on the dance floor, testing the waters for Blackpool. Our dresses from the UK open embody this feeling, they are full of innovation, exciting silhouettes, stunning embellishments and new and beautiful fabrics.'



'One of my absolute favourites was 046PP, a dress Izabela wore for the UK Open in 2020. It was fun, exciting, new, soft and feminine all at once. She took a risk and the result was a showstopper.'

Phoebe Ratcliff-Reid, Couture Designer




Here we take a little trip down memory lane at some of best couture dresses worn at the UK Open over the last few years. No longer available for sale but if you feel inspired by any of these dresses and want a made to measure dress designed just for you, please contact our couture team who will be more than happy to help

Natascha wore this dazzling Saffron Ballroom dress featuring a rainbow of crystallization shading down the centre front bodice and exploding in colour on the centre back. Pleated georgette adorns the skirt, mirrored perfectly with pleated floats attached to embellished wristbands.

Monica looked gorgeous in this Cappuccino and Silver Ballroom dress adorned with feathers and  embellished with Swarovski® Crystals. 

Izabela wore this majestic Sugar Pink Ballroom featuring our Dream Sunset Print that is ruched beautifully over the bodice, flowing down into a feature godet with floats floating from each arm. 


Natascha wore this magnificent Black and White Ballroom dress embellished beautifully in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal AB and Crystal. Skirts layered with shaded pleated georgette godets, over white organza underskirts. Shaded georgette floats float from each arm finishing the look perfectly.


Monica wore this exquisite Black and Metallic Silver Ballroom dress embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® in Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet. Skirts layered with satin chiffon over silver organza hemmed with crinoline creating fantastic volume and movement.


Anna wore this dazzling Purple Rain stretch net Latin dress embellished in Crystals from Swarovski® in colours Burgundy DeLite, Heliotrope and Amethyst Shimmer. A shaped stretch net skirt features 2 splits at the front and centre back, and adorned with fringe for added movement. Finished perfectly with a lycra belt completing the look.




 For the final Izabela wore this magnificent show stopping black velvet feather dress. Embellished beautifully in a rainbow of colours using CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal ShimmerSilk ShimmerTopaz Shimmer, Light Colorado Topaz ShimmerTangerine ShimmerHyacinth Shimmer, Fuchsia ShimmerLight Siam Shimmer and Siam Shimmer. A stunning bow features centre back completing the look perfectly.



This exquisite shaded feather Ballroom dress is made with abstract fishnet and embellished in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal AB and Crystal.




 Anna wore this striking Black Ballroom dress adorned in Angelic and Quinn Motifs. Embellished beautifully in CRYSTALS FROM SWAROVSKI® in Crystal ABCitrine, Citrine Shimmer, Light Colorado Topaz and Crystal.




Evgeniya wore this gorgeous Cappuccino and Red Ballroom dress featuring our Passion Embroidered Motif with an incredible 25 motifs placed beautifully around the dress. Stunning embellishment detail using Crystals from Swarovski® including colours colours Hyacinth Shimmer, Fuchsia Shimmer and Silk Shimmer.



Olga wore this gorgeous Tropic Lime feather Ballroom dress featuring bugle bead dropper detailing in silver and embellished beautifully using Crystals from Swarovski® in colours Crystal AB, Citrine and Peridot AB.



Joanne wore this adorable black and white velvet dress featuring white laces amour motif, sunflower motif and harper ribbon. Embellished beautifully in Crystals from Swarovski® with Crystal and Crystal AB.



Velvet fabric collection


Wrap yourself in velour and be as smooth as velvet this winter with our stunning collection of velvet fabrics available in a range of designs and colours that will add the perfect shine to your couture, loungewear, fitness wear and more!




Post brexit notice


As of Jan 1st 2021, following the completion of Brexit, all shipments from the UK to EU countries are subject to customs clearance. 

For customers in the EU countries, UK VAT is NOT charged to your order but your local VAT will apply, in addition to any duty and clearance charges where applicable.  We are not responsible for any charges or delays caused by local customs clearance process.  Alternatively,  Chrisanne Clover Official Stockist - WIKA in Poland - offers a wide range of products and services for a hassle-free shopping experience

For trade customers in the EU countries, please follow your local post-brexit guidelines.  UPS, our key shipper for all exports, requires Chrisanne Clover to be fully compliant with all export documentation.  Your local UPS should be expected to offer import clearance support.   

For trade customers registered for VAT in the local country, please note that UK VAT exemption is not longer applicable.  You are not charged for UK VAT but your local VAT will be applied when you import from the UK.   For customers who have own EORI number, please include into every order placed. 

When your order is dispatched and arrived in the destination country,  you are responsible for the Customs Clearance as required by the local authority under the local regulation.  

* We do NOT accept any return of shipment due to customs clearance issues unless authorised by Chrisanne Clover. 

For any customers in the EU countries who organise their own collection from Chrisanne Clover in the UK, please make sure that the shipper you use completes all documentation as required.  

Removal of the €22 VAT exemption for imports
From July 1st 2021, The VAT exemption currently in place for goods imported into the EU with a value up to €22 will be removed, meaning that these shipments will now be subject to VAT. These low value goods will therefore also require formal customs clearance, although most goods valued up to €150 remain exempt from customs duties.  

Chrisanne clover dancewear limited colour additions


We are thrilled to be able to offer you colour additions to our much sought after tops from our Chrisanne Clover Dancewear collection in the colours Forest Green and Plum for 2021!

You're Welcome :) Happy Shopping! 

Preciosa sew on stones


As an authorized distributor of Preciosa®, at Chrisanne Clover we are thrilled to be able to offer you their stunning range of sew-on crystals in a variety of colours and shapes ...

The january blues fabric collection



Feeling Blue? Don't feel it, dress up in it and we can guarantee you will feel that much better! With all sorts of tier systems in place why not create your own tier structure with layers of fabric in colours, textures and shine! So dust off that sewing machine and make January Blues your new inspiration ...

Festive red fabric collection


For the love of all things red and festive this holiday season be inspired with our range of blushing red shades in colour matching fabrics and trimmings ...

Espen salberg le petite noir dancewear collection


We are thrilled to offer you the stunning NEW dancewear collection from the ever-popular Espen Salberg LE PETITE NOIR Collection. Featuring a gorgeous polka dot burnout fabric that flows beautifully through each design, perfectly interchanging between Ballroom and Latin styles. Mix and match it your way and add a touch of luxury to your dancewear attire ready for when we dance again in 2021!



This beautiful Ballroom dress features a gorgeous boat neck design with an open split back, finished with covered buttons on the neckline. The skirt is utterly voluminous in volume that will be sure to enhance your moves across the dancefloor perfectly.




teamed with the Nero Top

This gorgeous tiered Ballroom Skirt has ruffles featured on each panel finished with a. crinoline edge for dynamic volume. Modelled with the Nero Top creates an elegant finish. 



teamed with the Klien top

This stunning asymmetric Ballroom skirt has beautiful movement with its polka dot layered godet featured on the left side. Teamed perfectly with the Klien Top.



teamed with the Svaart Bodysuit and Nero Top

This striking Ballroom skirt features polka dot burnout diamonds along the hips with a flared skirt finish. Team perfectly with the Svaart Bodysuit and Nero Top creating two dynamic looks.



teamed with the Schwarz Top and Klien Top

This striking fringe wrap Latin skirt has all the moves with its side split feature. Teamed perfectly with the Schwarz top and Klien top, perfect for creating interchangeable looks.  



teamed with the Klien Top

This striking Latin skirt captures the essence of the dance perfectly with its layered flared ruffle polka dot godets and front and back split. Teamed beautifully with the Klien top full of style and flare. 



teamed with the Juodas Ballroom skirt and Ele Latin skirt

This beautiful top features ruched detailing on the centre front for a feminine finish. Teamed perfectly with Judos Ballroom skirt and Ele Latin skirt making this perfect in both Ballroom and Latin styles.



teamed with the Pieni Ballroom and Fkete Ballroom Skirt

This flattering draped top has gorgeous batwing arms that drapes beautifully over the shoulders and features an open back split detail. Teamed perfectly with the Pieni and Fkete Ballroom skirts. 



This gorgeous polka dot top features mitten cuff sleeves and gorgeous bow detailing on each shoulder for added movement and luxury. This top goes with any skirt in the collection especially the Ele Latin Skirt, Liten Latin Skirt and Juodas Ballroom Skirt featured above. 



Teamed with the Fkete Ballroom skirt

This gorgeous leotard features a pleated neckline with a centre back split finished with a button fastening. Teamed perfectly with the Fkete Ballroom skirt.


Watch the collection in action in these video clips ...



this collection is available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large...


Snow white fabric collection


Inspired by the festive season fall in love with all things white and sparkly with our vast collections of fabrics and trimmings ranging from laces, to prints, embroidery to sparkles, and create your very own Snow White beauty ...


Wika chrisanne clover fabric stockist


At Chrisanne Clover we are thrilled to introduce our European fabric stockist Wika. Based in Poland, Wika will be supplying Chrisanne Clover fabrics and accessories making it that much more Brexit friendly by having the immediate availability of most of our core products. By Wika stocking Chrisanne Clover products, it will make deliveries that much quicker without the hassle of custom formalities, as well as cost efficient delivery costs with the added bonus of the European single currency. 


Checkout Wika's website ...



WIKA - OLSZTYN: Mail Order Services

Jaroszyka 3 

10-687 Olsztyn, Poland

tel. + 48 89 544 94 40 

 + 48 502 33 22 32  directions      


Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


Płocka 34

01-231 WarsawPoland

tel. + 48 22 631 50 60

mob. + 48 509 806 260  directions

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm





Green envy fabric collection


Fall in love with all things green this season which our stunning fabric collections that will make your peers green with envy ...

Flock it fabric collection


Flock it your way with our stunning collection of flock fabrics in a range of designs and colours at fantastic prices. Perfect for home furnishings as well as couture and practicewear.

But hurry these fabrics are only available whilst stocks last!



Dazzle in brilliance with bead droppers


Create the ultimate shine with our beautiful collection of bead droppers in an array of colours.

But don’t stick to one colour, why not create your own rainbow of shimmering brilliance for a luxurious finish...

Ornate rococo fabric collection


Adorn yourself in lavish luxury with our collection of Rococo fabrics.

Ornamental and theatrical, design couture with rich textures and shine and be dressed head to toe in utter brilliance ...








Antiquity art fabric collection



We look to the history of art with this striking collection of Artistic inspired prints on a range of chiffon and organza fabrics for stunning flow and movement. Perfect for floats, long flowing skirts and even your home décor …











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