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Haute Couture Made To Measure Dress Service 


A) Contact our friendly sales team and discuss your initial interest and ideas.

B) Complete our specialised MEASUREMENT CHART > – this is essential not just for the making of the dress and ensuring it fits beautifully without even having to try it on, but it is also important for the design of the dress so that the style is able to fully appreciate you.

C) You will now enter a virtual design consultation with our creative design team where you can share your ideas and any inspiration you might have to ensure we understand what is important to you. This will give our designers the starting point from where to create.

D) You will then receive a stylized illustration*, of your dress based on the initial consultation. Please share your feedback on this illustration so we can move forward together and make any necessary adjustments**. The length of time available for feedback and final confirmation will depend on when the dress is required, please note point F).

E) On confirmation of the design illustration a 50% deposit will be taken before production starts

F) The creation of your dress will then take a minimum of four weeks from the start of making.

G) Once finished, your beautiful dress will be sent to you with :-

A Chrisanne Clover Dress bag

A Chrisanne Clover Dress cover

A Swarovski Crystal Repair kit – for minor repairs***


Points of note :-

1) * The illustration provided is not a technical drawing of the dress to your body shape, but a stylized representation of the final product.

2)** The maximum number of design change illustrations that will be made is 6 , after this number a charge of £50 Will be made per illustration.

3) *** It is an understood part of dress use in ballroom dancing is that some crystals will become dislodged. The qty is expected to be very minimal but is unavoidable.



If you would like a bespoke couture dress made to your specific design we take your individual measurements to make it exact for you.  As part of the order process our sales executives will provide you with our comprehensive measurement chart to complete if we are unable to take your measurements personally, or you can download your measurement chart in your chosen language HERE >

Please watch the video to see the step by step process to get accurate measurements.

  • When your measurements are being taken please wear something smooth fitting i.e. leggings.
  • Pin a length of 12mm wide tape (or similar) around your natural waist.
  • Use a non-stretch dressmakers tape measure.
  • We recommend that someone helps you take your measurements to ensure accuracy.
  • Let the tape run closely over the body without dropping.
  • Check all measurements to ensure accuracy.


Download your measurement chart HERE >

How to check size
Watch for yourself behind the scenes at the couture studio and intricate hand made detailing that goes into making a made to measure dress ... 




My choice to wear  Chrisanne Clover for my competition  was an easy one. After watching dance competitions live or streaming I always found their designs looked  classy, elegant, high quality and they stood out on the dance floor. 

I knew I wanted an original CC dress for my first pro am competition- even though I was a debutante in the ballroom world I wanted to look like a star. I started dancing standard and then smooth more recently and every dress they have made me is a masterpiece . I have received many positive comments from fellow competitors, teachers and judges .  (Although I am on another continent - the team at CC are talented, efficient, friendly yet professional,  and make the design and shipment  of dresses easy and always deliver in a timely fashion. 

The team at CC is fabulous - they use our input and feedback and their own expertise and flair and create exquisite designs that make me feel like a princess on the floor. When we design our bespoke dresses, each one is created as a piece of art - to be worn, looked at, and admired. The attention to detail they bring to each dress is outstanding. CC makes you feel like you are a very special customer even though they have been in business decades and have many customers.  CC has the experience,class and wisdom of a well established couterier as well as the innovation and creativity of a young company. They have always exceeded my expectations and that is rare quality in this industry. 

 Paula Cowpland- Canada

I originally chose Chrisanne Clover because I love the elegant look of their dresses. Everything they make is beautiful, from the fabrics to their color palette, to their flattering and timeless designs. I had purchased a few dresses from the “off the rack” and this was a great experience. Based on how easy they were to work with, I decided to try custom designs. I would usually find a sponsored pro dress that I liked as the inspiration, but CC’s designers worked with me to make sure that my dress would be unique and flattering to my body, as well as something I would feel really comfortable wearing.

I compete most frequently in American smooth, and I wear my CC dresses all the time. I also compete in International Latin, and my new CC Latin dress has been a huge hit! Everyone compliments me on the pink and black color combination and on how much movement there is in the skirt.

 My custom design experience was excellent. Even though this was all done remotely, their measurement chart was extremely detailed, and my new dress fit perfectly. They also delivered the dress exactly as scheduled. I really appreciate their professionalism and the respect they show for their customers.

 As an adult dancing pro-Am, having the opportunity to wear beautiful dresses is an important part of the ballroom experience. I feel confident and glamorous when I put on my CC dresses.

I definitely would recommend them to anyone looking for a beautiful and sophisticated dress!

 Terri A - US

 Chrisanne-clover uses the highest quality fabric and stones for its garments and the quality of the workmanship matches the quality of the ingredients.  Despite being an ocean away, the measurements of the dress were spot on.  I felt confident competing in the dress, and it performed as well or better than I did.

I was initially intimidated by the number of measurements needed and asked several questions, unsure if I was correctly interpreting British terminology vs. US.  When the dress arrived, I was glad to have taken/provided so many measurement details.  Unlike dresses for which I had custom measurements, Chrisanne-Clover’s dress fit perfectly right out of the box. 

As someone who sews, I study dresses at competitions for design, fabric and embellishments.  I research fabrics, Swarovski crystals and dresses online.  My ultimate inspiration was a Chrisanne-Clover dress for an international amateur.

I compete in Latin and International Ballroom.  I formerly competed in Rhythm and Smooth.

My dress is a non-issue for all moves; i.e. it allows me to move without restriction or fear of costume failure.

This year I have admired the tasteful use of feathers and more sophisticated ombre fabrics/stonework.

I have already recommended Chrisanne-Clover to several competing dancers at my studio.

 Robbye Hill Toft - US





In order to help visualise your dream dress we can send samples of the fabrics you want used for your couture, along with your sketch design to truly make your vision a reality. Our couture sales team will be more than happy to do this for you, simply require your sample request during your design talks...

'Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE these fabrics ❤️!!!!!!! I remember receiving the lycra a few years ago when we were trying to decide between Midnight Sky and Blueberry, and I liked it very much, but seeing the entire family together is just over the top. They’re absolutely gorgeous.

I love what I see. Thanks for sending them — it was SO helpful and will really go a long way in making sure this dress is exactly the way I’d like it to be.'  Della, US


Contact our couture team today to arrange a design appointment or to share your ideas for your new dress.


Telephone: +44 (0)208 687 3420

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We cannot wait to make your dream dress become a reality


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