With all the new rules and regulations regarding Brexit and how it affects our customers in Europe; WIKA.Pl is a recommended reseller of Chrisanne Clover components and we can highlight the many benefits of purchasing Chrisanne Clover products, directly from WIKA...


  • WIKA have a clear understanding on how exporting and importing operates between Chrisanne Clover in the UK, to WIKA in Poland.
  • WIKA also has a clear understanding on the costs and timelines of the deliveries from the UK. 
  • WIKA are continually increasing the amount of genuine Chrisanne Clover products in stock for immediate delivery.


  • 23% Polish VAT is in favour to a number of customers in EU countries.
  • Shipping costs from Poland to the rest of EC countries are much cheaper than from the UK.
  • EC VAT registered companies continue to enjoy exemption on purchasing. 



  • No potential customs clearance delays that might happen with the UK to EC countries
  • No currency exchange. 
  • WIKA has regular stock-up delivery from UK to Poland



  • WIKA offer multi-language support (including Russian & English)
  • They are able to assist you with Chrisanne Clover product knowledge and collections with their informative sales team.


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