Our new Sponsored Gold dancer Anna Zhou graced the dancefloor at the Blackpool Dance Festival looking stunning in her Chrisanne Clover Sugar Pink shaded Ballroom dress embellished with Swarovski® crystals; Reviving her partnership with Eric Li Cheng with fantastic results!
6th Waltz
6th Foxtrot
7th Quickstep
9th Tango
9th Viennese Waltz



Anna is was lovely to see you back on the dancefloor with Eric – how long has it been since you were at the Blackpool Dance Festival together?
It was 6 years ago!



Last time you were at the Blackpool Dance Festival  you were dancing in Amateur – did it feel much different dancing in professional?
I felt it was even more enjoyable and challenging dancing in the professional, it was so great to be back at the Wintergardens :)



How long had you and Eric danced together before previously?
Before Eric danced with Liis End after I had my baby we had danced together for 13 years


Does it feel any different dancing with Eric again or does it feel like no time has passed?
I feel that for both of us our dancing and thinking is more mature now. As a “new partnership”we dance in a better level of harmony


Both you and Eric have children now how has that changed the dynamics to your partnership?
There are no obvious changes. I am still perusing my dream :)



How was the Blackpool Dance Festival competition for you? What were your highlights?
It was an honour to be back dancing in the Wintergardens at such an iconic venue. My highlight has to be when the chairman announced our number into the final round of the first dance~ Slow waltz. We were so happy and overjoyed!



You showcased your return in a Chrisanne Clover Sugar Pink shaded dress – how was the dress for you?
This dress made me feel I like I was the most glamorous lady dancer on the dancefloor. Being dressed in a Chrisanne Clover dress allowed me to feel more confident as a competitor.



Anna wore this sugar pink shaded Ballroom dress beautifully embellished with Swarovski® crystals in colours crystal, crystal AB, Light Rose and Rose. Sugar pink to white georgette godets rests over shaded satin chiffon and sugar pink organza underskirts. Accessorized with shaded georgette floats floating from right shoulder to wrists.



You placed 6th in the waltz and foxtrot – which dance do you think is your favourite?
I would have to say it is actually the Tango, I just love how dramatic it is to dance and perform



What are yours and Erics plans for the future with your newly revived partnership?
Haha lots of plans … but all confidential ;)



It’s amazing after 6 long years, life brings us back together and We step onto the dance floor together again, stronger and better.

This time, We made 3 dances into the Pro ballroom final of the 98th Blackpool dance festival!

Anna, you’re simply awesome! 

Grateful to my family, teachers, friends and sponsors! Without your trust and support, I wouldn‘t have made it so far.





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