Watch Anton and Alona dance HERE


Personal history: where did you grow up? When did you start dancing? How long have you been partners for?

We both (me and Anton) started to dance when we were 6 years old.

I began dancing in Belarus (where I was born) in one dance Club and Anton started to dance in Russia (where he was born).

Together we have danced since December 2006.



Dance History: What are your highest Achievements?

We were 5 times Youth German Champions,

3 times German Champions in Amateur,

World Cup Winner,

European Champions,

GOC winners in Youth,

Vice World champions in Showdance Standard.




What is your favourite dance?

Tango and Slow Foxtrot


What is your favourite Competition?

GOC in Stuttgart



What is your proudest dancing moment?

When we won our European Championship in 10 dance and our first German closed Championship.


Why are you proud to be a CC Sponsor?

I am very proud to be sponsored by CC because they are the best and most popular dance dress makers in the world.

I am proud to be part of the big TEAM!!!!!



 What is your favourite CC dress you have worn?

Every dress was beautiful but when I look back then this was my favourite:




What is your favourite CC colour? fabric? Accessory?

Tango Flare, Aqua, Cappuccino and Crystal AB stones!


 What colours are you most attracted too? Or feel suits your skin tone and looks good on you on the dance floor?

I think the best colour for me is something very strong: red, orange, rose pink



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