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Damir Haluzan & Anna Mashchyts started dancing together in 2009 (September) as Youth. Currently they are registered as a couple in Slovenia and they dance in Amateur.

Their first competition was in Serbia - Belgrade on 2009 (September). So far their best mark is 1st in the Amateur Latin (San Francisco Open in USA - San Francisco (CA) on Wednesday, 04 April 2018).

Watch them dance HERE



Where did you grow up? When did you start dancing? How long have you been partners for?

Anna: I grew up in Ukraine then when I was 15 I moved to Slovenia

Damir:  I grew up in Slovenia then we met in the capital, Ljubljana with different partners at the time and then we started dancing together in 2009.


What got you into dancing?

Damir: For me it was my sister who got me into dancing. She is older than me and what she did, I would follow and do the same! She doesnt dance anymore she stopped quite early but I kept on going. I was 8 when I started to dance.

Anna: My parents got me into dancing. They used to dance together and bought me along their dance school one day and I instantly fell in love.



photo credit Rob Ronda Photography


What is your highest achievements in dance?

Damir: European Champions, 2ndplace World Champions,  3rdplace Blackpool Finalists, we also won the Slovenian Championships a few years ago and this was amazing becoming champions in our own country.

Anna: At the moment there is no WDC championships which means we cannot compete in our country which is a real shame, but winning it when we could was an amazing feeling.


What is the trophy you are now aiming for? What is your big ambition?

Damir: Right now is definitely to be the Blackpool, Internationals and UK Open Amateur champions, then we will move to Professional…

Anna: and hope for the best lol!

Damir: At the moment we have been 3rd for a year… but you know when you are in a line but you just want to jump in front of it!


When you get your champion title that you strive to achieve, does it open more doors to teaching and being invited to more events?

Damir: If you are a finalist it brings with it a certain status. However if you become a champion and you retire, you will always be remembered as a champion at that time.

Anna: Right now we already feel we get invited to a lot of shows, teaching and competitions, however when you are a champion you are even more desired.



photo credit Rob Ronda Photography


What is your favourite dance?

Anna: I don’t have a particular favourite dance, even when I did 10 dance when I was very young I loved all the dances! And now that I do 5 I still love them all. There may be times when you work on one dance more than the other with a new routine, technique or discover a part of the dance that you were unaware of before, that then makes that one slightly more favourable. It changes all the time!

Damir: I would say the Rumba and Paso for me they are always my favourite. But I agree with Anna, sometimes when you discover a new quality of a dance then that one becomes more favourable at the time, but I always end up going back to Rumba and Paso!


What is the one competition you look forward to the most in the year?

Damir: I think all the 3 major Uk comps in Blackpool, Bournemouth and Albert Hall – all of them are special in a different way. With them being at different times of the year you look forward to that time of year! For example the 1stMay you know Blackpool is at the end of the month and it is the build up to that, which then follows to Setember with the Internationals in October.  All 3 of them I like very much, all in a different way. However the Albert Hall for me is the most prestige!

Anna: For me it is Blackpool somehow. Like Damir says all 3 are very special however Blackpool feels like top of the season for me. It is also the competition that at the time, I feel the most anxious!


photo credit Rob Ronda Photography


Why are you proud to be a CHRISANNE CLOVER sponsor?

Anna: Well this is the huge well known brand, well known for many years and have sponsored many many great dancers so it is such a honour to be sponsored. The quality is amazing, I have been using CHRISANNE CLOVER fabrics, trimmings and crystals for many many years with previous dress designers.


How do you feel being one of the first Latin Sponsored Gold CHRISANNE CLOVER Sponsors?

Anna: Excited! I must say I really love it! I feel maybe even more special being first, it feels like I am the start of an amazing new chapter at CHRISANNE CLOVER


What colours do you favour the most?

Anna: I tend to lean more towards warm colours like yellows, oranges and reds. Not so much the fluorescent colours  but more deep colours like deep blues and dark reds are my favourites! The new colours that have been launched on the WINE and HOT RED are defiantly by kind of colours! Along with maybe Midnight Sky and Cobalt. But I am open to everything and even for the Internationals they may not be the colours I have suggested!



photo credit Rob Ronda Photography


How has your year been on the lead up to the Internationals?

Anna: Not bad lol!

Damir: Definitely there are ups and downs – big comps, small comps we try out certain things. But before the big comps we try to put all the puzzles together that we have collected over the last 3 months preparation before a big competition. We then try and create the ‘picture’ of what we want over the last couple of weeks. For me it is collecting information, putting them together in a way that will make us feel right and spot on. I think we are much more experienced after so many finals and we are getting used to this way of working.

Anna: We have done quite a few changes in the last few months since Blackpool; a change in our lifestyle, nutrition, physical preparation, dress designer sponsorship with you guys! I feel we have done major changes in our lives... like getting engaged in June after Blackpool!!

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