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Chrisanne Clover and Swarovski® have enjoyed a 25-year partnership. A unique relationship founded on a joint vision of creating a mesmerising and glamourous world full of utter brilliance.


Throughout the years the two brands have gone from strength to strength and the exclusive use of Crystals from Swarovski® has given Chrisanne Clover a clear standing as the most recognised designer of choice for dancers.

 As a recommended authorised wholesaler of Crystals from Swarovski®, we provide a large selection of product ranges including the XIRIUS 2088 Flat Back Crystals and Sew on Stones in a variety of colours, shapes and effects for many diverse markets and applications outside the dancing world.




For those particular styles, shapes, sizes or colour not available on our website, we offer a Special Order Service. This enables you to order any of the Crystals from Swarovski® range from us here at Chrisanne Clover. 


Our qualified team will provide you with the relevant information relating to your special order such as price, availability and delivery date. 

With a lead time of approx 1-2 weeks, we can source the perfect crystals for your design project.


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Take a look back at some of the mesmerizing historic couture created over the years with Crystals from Swarovski® ...


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