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joanne zhong wdc amateur ballroom 

Philip Peng & Joanne Zhong

(Jianan Peng and Jia Ci Zhong)

WDC Amateur Ballroom

Where did you grow up? When did you start dancing? How long have you been partners for?

Philip: I am from Anqing, Anhui. My mother once told me that when I was young I could not stop dancing whenever I heard music! So she took me to a local dance school and when I was 4 years old. When I was 6 my school teacher introduced me to a Latin dance teacher and since then I started dancing Latin.

Joanne: I was born in Baoding, Hebei. I loved the look of Latin dance shoes so much when I was young, that by the age of 7 I learnt to Latin dance!

We have been dance partners for about 5 years.





What are your highest achievements in dance?

Our highest achievements are Champions of UK and Blackpool Ballroom Amateur Rising Star



What is your favourite dance?

We love all ballroom dances but think our most favourite would be the Tango and Quickstep


What is your favourite competition?

It has to be Blackpool!



What is your proudest dancing moment?

It is the year we won the Championships. I believe it is the same for every dancer –winning glory for our country is the proudest thing ever.


How long have you been sponsored by Chrisanne Clover?

Chrisanne Clover has sponsored us for 3 years since 2013.



Why are you proud to be Chrisanne Clover Sponsors?

Because we believe in the UK Chrisanne Clover are the best in all areas such as fabric range, crystals and workmanship of couture dresses. We are so proud to be part of the Chrisanne Clover team.


What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover dress?

It has to be the white one we wore recently at the Internationals, Albert Hall




What colours are you most attracted to? Or feel suit you better on the dancefloor?

White and Red dancewear suits us most for our skin tone and we feel these colours suit us best on the dance floor




What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover Fabric/Accessory?

We love the vast range of laces especially the Motifs and the Ribbons they look so lovely on a dress especially when crystallised. 


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