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I was born in Italy in a green little town in the north and I start dancing at 4 years old being the mascot for the school. It happened by chance that my parents were in a dancing school even they loved to dance! I  started to copy the steps in the corner and the dance teacher noticed me and ask my mother to take me to the dancing school for lessons …that's how everything started.

At the age of 6 I did my first dancing competition with traditional dances winning in all categories and levels until age 11 where i started ballroom dancing. At 17 years old i was representing Italy overseas and my life started to change when i was 19 and I started to travel around the world. I   changed dance partner and I began to dance with Domen Krapez representing Slovenia. Our first competition as a new dance partnership was in 2003, after only one month dancing together. We danced in the Blackpool Dance Festival where we became finalists ( 6th place), after that result we were one of the top best couple.



I turned professional aged 23 and did my first final in 2006 in the world professional championship. From then on our dance career reached higher levels!

The best result we have achieved in 11 years of partnership was

3rd place in the World Professional Championship,

2nd place at European Championship 

4th place in Blackpool, International and UK championship.

In January 2015 I started my new path with Valerio Colantoni and after only 2 weeks of preparation  we achieved the final in the UK Championships followed by the finals in all major events.  Our best result was

2nd place at the European championship,

4th place at the Worlds,Blackpool and International Championships

…. still a long way to go for our partnership but already many big goals achieved and many more to come!





What is your favourite dance?

Even if I love all dances…actually all 10 ,My favourite dance is Tango…and I must say that also English Waltz is very high in my rank.



What is your favourite Competition?

Favourite competition is the Blackpool Dance Festival. I love everything about it: the atmosphere, the history behind it, the theatre, live orchestra, crowd …everything is mesmerising and magical - it is like a fairytale for the dancing world and every dancer.



What is your proudest dancing moment?

Actually i'm proud of everything I did in my dancing career…good and bad because I did everything with my strength,passion and heart without never giving up! I do not come from a dancing family so I had to learn everything by myself like: travelling alone around the world, organizing logistics to competitions, dance lessons, arranging couture dresses ...I am very proud of my dancing life and career.

If I have to think of one memorable moment of my dancing carrier that I am proud there are 2…one is the first competition I danced in 2003 The Blackpool Dance Festival with Domen  where not many people knew me and only after one month we danced to 6th place just with our skill and love for dancing. It shows that anything is possible if you love what you do! The second one is the first competition with Valerio, because many changes happened in my personal life and dancing life that make you loose believe in everything and probably many people would give up! but I didn't! This is another proud moment of my dancing life…I was always led by my heart in everything I did. That is why maybe my proudest moments are more emotional then a result…in the end what makes you  proud of a moment in your career is when you follow your heart and you never give up!


 Why are you proud to be a Chrisanne Clover Sponsor?

I have always admired Chrisanne Clover because I love the way they work and the passion they put into their business.  Chrisanne Clover have always been one of the most famous and prestigious names in the dancing world and to be chosen as a dancer to represent them is a privilege.




What is your all time favourite Chrisanne Clover dress?

I'm lucky because Chrisanne Clover have allowed me to express myself 100% and support my crazy and risky ideas! To cope with that means they are really very good ;)…2 of my favourite dresses are one black dress that i had in Blackpool in 2014 where the front is completely black and the back fully AB stoned with a beautiful design that looks like a tattoo on the back. I think that was a very special and stunning dress. The second one is in Blackpool 2015, the dress was a tan dress with AB stones and feather fading from tan to pink. I loved that dress :)



 What is your favourite coloured dress?

White, black, fuchsia pink and silver are some of my favourite colours and one of the colours that I really didn't give credit before that now I love is the blueberry. After my international dress in 2015 i fell in love with that colour! But still my favourite colour design of my dresses has to be a cappucino colour with another plain colour. I have been using this style for so many years and I really think it is very effective and unique to me and my personality.



What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover Colour?

Actually I am very lucky with colours…having tan skin any colour is good…but if i need to choose probably i would choose white or black …(with tan as this is my favourite to combine tan with any colour)


What do you look for in a Chrisanne Clover dress? Any special design features that make your dresses unique to you?

I like to be very in control of my dress, design and style and though I have tried many different styles over the years; from a fully feathered dress to a roman goddess style with all chiffon, a fully rhinestoned dress and then to a shaded dress. I feel that certain characteristics have followed me from the beginning of my sponsorship with Chrisanne Clover which has been nearly 6 years. I love details and sometimes very simple dresses that give a touch of class. I always want to give an elegant look with a touch of sexiness… that's why there are certain details that are very recognisable in my dresses.

Generally the cut of the dress is the same…it emphasise's the curves of the body. I don't like too much material in the dress… usually I use tan and a splash of colour. I love very beautiful tattoo rhinestone design detail on the body of the dress.

The look I strive to achieve within my garments is to look beautifully elegant, classy and feminine, with a touch of sexiness that every woman wants to look and feel like.

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