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Signe grew up in Denmark and Dmitri grew up in Estonia, but at the age of 18 he chose to move to Denmark to pursue his dancing career. This was in February 2011 as we had decided to dance together and represent Denmark. We both started dancing at an early age when we were 3 years old.

We began dancing together in our last year of U19 and our second competition together was the British Open in Blackpool U21 where we finished 5th, beside that we won bronze at the Youth German Open, World Championship U19 and U21 and our latest achievements are becoming Danish Amateur Vice-Champions and 11th in Amateur at the German Open 2016.



 What is your favourite dance?

We have the same favourite dance at the moment, which is the foxtrot


 What is your favourite Competition?

Right now we also agree about the fact that the German Open is our favourite competition. However I think one of our proudest dancing moments was making the final at the British Open in Blackpool U21. Beforehand had no expectations as it was our first International competition after a very short period of time dancing together.


Why are you proud to be CC Sponsors?

We are very proud to be Chrisanne Clover sponsors as they have a great history which is only worth admiring. The dresses have always had an expensive and unique look which makes a girl feel very special. For this reason I have worn Chrisanne dresses from the age of 14, before being sponsored. Because of this it was a great honour becoming Chrisanne Clover sponsors and part of this very professional team.



What is your favourite coloured CC dress you have worn?

It is very difficult to choose one dress as our favourite dress, but one of our favourite ones is the newest sugar pink dress, which turned out to be even more beautiful than we had hoped for.



What do you want in a CC dress? Any design features that make your dresses unique to you?

As a dancer it is extremely important that the dress has a nice fit to your body and that the quality is good. Chrisanne Clover is without doubt in the top of its field in regards to these aspects. Even without fittings the amazing team of dressmakers manage to make my dresses fit perfectly. The dresses are also rhinestoned in such a beautiful way, which together with the good quality of materials make the Chrisanne Clover dresses the most unique dresses on the dance floor in our opinion. Because of their great experience and knowledge the designers at Chrisanne Clover have such a good eye on mixing classy and modern designs.



What are your favourite CC colours, fabrics & accessories?

We love quite strong and bright colours such as for example electric pink, sugar pink, fluorescent red, turquoise or aqua as we think these kind of colours suits us well. If we talk about accessories feathers are always very feminine and beautiful. Regarding fabrics I have always had a weakness for velvet dresses as the velvet gives a nice depth to the dresses and therefore they look very classy.


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