tania kehlet wdsf pro ballroom 

Watch Emanuel and Tania dance HERE


What are your highest achievements in dance?
2011 and 2013 World Amateur Champions, 2012 Blackpool Amateur Champions, 2012 and 2013 European Amateur Champions, 2016 Professional Champions.


Favourite dance?


What is your proudest dancing moment?
Surprisingly winning the World 2011 beating the reigning champion.



Why you are proud to be Chrisanne Clover sponsors?
Because the dresses are and have always been the best on the market!!!



What has been your favourite Chrisanne Clover dress made for you?
Uhhh... That is not a fair question!!!... Its like asking a mom which of her children she loves the most...



What is your favourite coloured dress you have worn?
Always in love with a beautiful black dress, but red and white are also amongst favourites.


What do you look for in a Chrisanne Clover dress? Are there certain features and likes that make your dresses unique to you?
The quality of the materials, sewing and stoning is fantastic.



What is your favourite Chrisanne Clover colour? fabric? accessory?
Has changed a lot through the years but I always loved satin chiffon and stretch net.


What colours are you attracted to and what looks best for you on the dance floor?
I love black!


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